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About this year’s Ross Writing Contest winning story

Linda Oatman High’s “The Attorney Helped Clean Up the Blood” won the ABA Journal/Ross Writing Contest for Short Legal Fiction and received a $3,000 cash prize.

Linda Oatman High wins ABA Journal/Ross Short Legal Fiction Contest

During her 35-year career as a writer, Linda Oatman High has written more than 20 books for children and young adults, three plays and numerous feature articles and news…

Another Shot

In this winning short story, a defense attorney and a prosecutor work together to help a criminal defendant—a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse issues—get treatment.

Massachusetts lawyer wins $3K Ross prize for her fictional story ‘Another Shot’

Congratulations to Elena O. Papoulias, the winner of the 2016 ABA Journal/Ross Prize for Legal Short Fiction!

Papoulias, from Centerville, Massachusetts, was among 38 entrants in this year’s short story…

Sealed Windows

Editor's note: In September, we announced the results of the third annual ABA Journal/Ross Short Legal Fiction Contest. The winner of the $3,000 prize is retired California lawyer Andy Greensfelder

‘Sealed Windows’ has won the 2015 ABA Journal short story contest

Congratulations to retired lawyer Andy Greensfelder, the winner of the 2015 ABA Journal/Ross Prize for Legal Short Fiction.

Greensfelder, who hails from San Luis Obispo, California, was among 60 entrants…

Good News, Bad News

Good news and bad news alike arrive in the same way. In a letter, placed in a mailbox on the first floor of the office. Mailbox is a generous term.…

Harper Lee, ABA Journal fiction prizes announced

John Grisham is a best-selling author who has seen many of his books become major Hollywood pictures. Jason Bailey is a first-time author who maintains a busy legal practice in…

It’s Legal, There: A dead child, an old grudge, and a lawyer caught between the facts and the truth

Michigan lawyer wins inaugural ABA Journal/Ross Contest for Short Fiction

Michigan lawyer Lance Hendrickson has been selected winner of the ABA Journal/Ross Contest for Short Fiction.

Culled from more than 135 entries, Hendrickson’s…