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The Modern Law Library

Users Keepers: Pirates, zombies and adverse possession

Bar Associations

Wisconsin bar redefines ‘diversity’ to settle challenge to clerkship program; both sides claim success

U.S. Supreme Court

Should Justice Sotomayor retire? Chemerinsky, White House haven’t joined calls for her to step down

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Artificial intelligence could make originalist analysis easier, federal appeals judge says

Your Voice

Carnegie and Me: Refuting the culture war on American libraries


Lawyer’s actions in discipline matter lead to worse penalty

10 Questions

This Los Angeles lawyer found her calling as a death doula

Members Who Inspire

Labor attorney uses art and law to draw attention to workers’ rights

ABA Midyear Meeting

Academic freedom standards are now part of ABA’s accreditation process for law schools

Law Schools

George Mason University’s law school remains ABA-accredited after financial showing

Law Schools

Which law schools will top the US News rankings? Here are three predictions

Bar Exam

This state is creating a way to skip the bar exam and making it easier to pass for those who take it


Biden recalls time he bluffed knowledge of torts case and why he changed his mind about civil-trial work


24% of law students expect to work in public service, survey says

Law Firms

Flush with incoming associates, law firms pulled back on 2024 summer associate hiring, rivaling Great Recession levels

Law Schools

Newer law school in Florida gets provisional accreditation from the ABA

U.S. Supreme Court

Does narrowed question in Trump immunity case benefit special counsel? Some commentators think so

A Message from Thomson Reuters

Embrace Efficiency: Practical Law’s AI-Driven CLE Webcast

Bar Exam

Some taking California bar exam say Cow Palace venue was so cold it may have affected their test results

Law Professors

FBI investigates ‘battle of the sexes’ texts sent to female law professors

The Modern Law Library

NY law prof is calling on ‘Lawyer Nation’ to reform

Law Professors

Is SCOTUS making it harder to teach constitutional law? Profs ‘depleted’ and taken aback by ‘velocity’ of change

Legal Education

As ABA gathers more information on JD-Next, law schools still have to obtain variances to use test

U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Thomas hires clerk accused of sending racist text; was she set up by rogue employee?

Your Voice

Small firm hiring deserves greater scrutiny

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