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China sentences human rights lawyer to 2-year prison term

A prominent human rights lawyer in China, whose guilty plea came in what had been criticized as a sham trial, was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison for inciting…

Emojis Head to a Courthouse Near You

The terms emoji and emoticon—the keyboard-created forerunner of emojis—have cropped up in about 80 U.S. court opinions to date, with about half the case references within the last two years.

States split on new ABA Model Rule limiting harassing or discriminatory conduct

States have been divided on whether to adopt new ABA Model Rule 8.4(g), which prohibits lawyers from engaging in harassing or discriminatory conduct.

North Korea, Venezuela among three countries added to new, more tailored travel ban

The Trump administration on Sunday night announced restrictions on nationals from three additional countries, including North Korea, along with those from five out of six Muslim-majority countries on the president's original list.

Advocacy: Beating a Dead Horse

Do you have some purpose in mind in your persistent questioning? Are your questions a tactical gambit with a strategic goal you can articulate, at least to yourself, and hopefully it becomes apparent to others? Or are you just belaboring the obvious?

State goes high-tech to recruit pro bono attorneys

A virtual reality training series are designed to demystify the courtroom experience and entice newer or courtroom-shy attorneys.

10 Questions: LA solo brings together musical lawyers in a philharmonic he founded

Solo practitioner Gary S. Greene formed an all-volunteer orchestra composed entirely of lawyers and judges. The Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic has been so successful that Greene has since founded a 100-member chorus and a jazz big band.

A Tradition of Jailhouse Lawyers: Amateur attorneys fill vital need for inmate access to the courts

Jailhouse lawyers still serve a vital need in prisons. However, prison officials generally do not view jailhouse lawyers as valuable purveyors of knowledge.

Startup Story: Black, female lawyers build their own success

Yondi Morris-Andrews recalls the exact moment she decided to leave her position as a contract attorney at a BigLaw firm.

“I was in a meeting at a large law firm, and at the end of the meeting, one of the partners said, ‘OK, slaves, get back to work,’” recounts Morris-Andrews, who is African-American.

For Morris-Andrews, it was more than just a bad word choice: It was an indicator of a more systemic problem. At that moment, she knew it was time to leave.

Contract lawyers pushing for better pay

Contract lawyers handle everything from document review to intellectual property audits to transactional due diligence to language translation. Since the Great Recession, rates for these services have plummeted from as much as $60 per hour to as little as $19. And because of falling wages, many project-based lawyers are seeking something normally reserved for blue- and gray-collar personnel: overtime pay.

10 Questions: Judge and former NFL player Dwayne Woodruff

Judge Dwayne D. Woodruff, a former professional football player—and Super Bowl champion—Woodruff went to law school full-time while he played defensive back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, after more than a decade on the court bench, Woodruff is running for a seat on the state supreme court.

ABA condemns terrorist attacks aimed at judicial institutions in Afghanistan and Pakistan

The American Bar Association condemned recent terrorist attacks aimed at court systems in Afghanistan and Pakistan in a statement Wednesday written by ABA President Linda A. Klein.

Two attacks…

ABA closes office in China while it measures the impact of new restrictions on NGO activities

In the wake of a new law threatening criminal prosecution of foreigners engaging in human and legal rights work in China, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative closed its Beijing…

China arm of King & Wood Mallesons explains collapse of European offices

The China management committee of King & Wood Mallesons has used a social media app to post a critique of failures that led to the demise of the European…

Chinese human rights lawyer has been tortured in prison, his legal team says

Chinese human rights lawyer Xie Yang signed a false confession in detention in China after his captors beat him, deprived him of sleep and forced him into painful positions, according…

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