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James Beckett: Scoring legal work

In his former job as chief business development officer at Frost Brown Todd in Louisville, Kentucky, James Beckett was hungry to learn how his firm could do better.

Stephen Manning: Replicating immigrant assistance

In the summer of 2014, as unaccompanied minor immigrants arrived at the border en masse, Stephen Manning was focused on a lesser-noticed but equally pressing problem: representing mothers with young children in family detention.

Lisa Colpoys: Forming new futures in law

Legal technology suits Lisa Colpoys because “there’s always something new and shiny,” says the Chicago attorney who recently left a legal aid career to help build the boot camp for the Institute for the Future of Law Practice.

Jae Um: A ‘Star Wars’ shortcut

In the first-released Star Wars installment, Han Solo brags that he can captain the Millennium Falcon through a smuggling route in just under 12 parsecs—a parsec being a truly astronomical measurement of 3.26 light-years. The route itself is 18 parsecs, illustrating that Solo is a brassy pilot willing to fly closer to black holes and cut the route by a third.

Dan Linna: Taking the measure of legal innovation

When his law firm enlisted then-litigator Daniel W. Linna Jr. for a presentation on evaluating potential trial outcomes, he presented his Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn peers with a hypothetical case—a teaching approach he used later as an adjunct at the University of Michigan Law School and Michigan State University College of Law.

Philippa Ryan: Developing trust through blockchain

Philippa Ryan thinks a lot about trust. A barrister in Australia, she lectures on the subject, and her PhD thesis focused on the breach of trust and the liability of third parties. So when Ryan heard about trustless relationships enabled by blockchain technology, her interest was piqued.

2 Legal Rebels join forces to design the legal department of the future

Sitting on a beach in Florida with his wife, Jeff Carr was enjoying his retirement in April 2017 when he received a phone call asking him to join Univar as general counsel.

From Pangea3 to Burford, David Perla steps lively into new roles

David Perla hasn’t let his innovator shoes collect any dust in the last 14 years.

Mark Britton talks about leaving Avvo and what’s next

Mark Britton

Bruce MacEwen diagnoses and prescribes for law practice ills (podcast)

Bruce MacEwen is both a doctor and an epidemiologist in the world of BigLaw firms.

Charles Kenji Whitehead: Teaching startup law as startup products start up

Charles Kenji Whitehead

Lainey Feingold: Negotiating better access for the disabled

Lainey Feingold

Ryan Alshak: Keeping time so you don’t have to

Ryan Alshak

Joshua Browder: His ‘chat’ is not just talk

Joshua Browder

Matthew Stubenberg: Creating tech solutions to increase justice

Matthew Stubenberg

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