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Chemerinsky: It’s likely to be an amazing year in the Supreme Court

No U.S. Supreme Court term in recent memory has had more potential blockbuster cases on the docket than this one. The court is likely to dominate the headlines in May, and especially June 2020, with rulings on almost every major controversial area of law.

SCOTUS goes into the new year with a loaded plate as impeachment trial looms

The U.S. Supreme Court has multiple high-profile cases on its docket this term, including cases to be argued in early 2020 on state aid to religion, abortion and President Donald Trump’s desire to shield his personal finances from government subpoenas.

Chemerinsky: 2019 was all about setting up the blockbuster year 2020 promises to be

The past year was unusual in the U.S. Supreme Court because the justices handed down only a few blockbuster decisions but then filled their docket with a stunning number of cases of potentially great significance to be decided in spring 2020. Interestingly, the court could have taken many of these cases in the October 2018 term for decisions in June 2019, but it did not do so.

Chemerinsky: Guns and mootness at center of Supreme Court’s next big battle

Each session of oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court this term has at least one potential blockbuster case, and for December it is New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. City of New York, which will be argued Dec. 2. It is a potentially enormously important case about the Second Amendment. But the law being challenged in this litigation has been repealed, and a major issue is whether the case should be dismissed as moot.

Judges grapple with red flag laws authorizing removal of guns from people who are dangerous

Judges are having to make difficult decisions in the 17 states and District of Columbia that have passed red flag laws authorizing the confiscation of guns from people deemed to be dangerous.

Afternoon Briefs: Lawyer convicted in conspiracy involving fake law firms; legal jobs fall

Lawyer convicted in conspiracy that involved creation of fake law firms

Virginia lawyer David H. Miller, 70, of Fairfax was convicted Friday on charges of conspiring to defraud and to…

Chemerinsky: Weighty matters load the Supreme Court’s next term

The U.S. Supreme Court justices return from their summer recess Monday to a calendar filled with potential blockbuster cases. Typically, about half the docket is set before the justices’ recess at the end of June, with the remaining cases taken between the beginning of October and the middle of January. But just based on what already is on the docket, this term could be filled with cases of great significance.

11 landmark SCOTUS cases that changed American education (gallery)

With school finally back in full swing across the country, it’s a great time for a history lesson in American education.

Landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases such as Brown v.…

Afternoon Briefs: Suit filed over chicken sandwich shortage; judge seen as likely SCOTUS pick

Popeyes sued for running out of chicken sandwiches

An East Ridge, Tennessee, man has filed a lawsuit against Popeyes for selling out of its new chicken sandwich. Craig Barr claims…

Letter to Supreme Court from Senate Republicans promises to fight court expansion

The 53 Republicans in the Senate sent an unusual letter to the U.S. Supreme Court clerk on Thursday that criticizes five Democratic senators for filing an amicus brief that refers…

5 Democratic senators point to NRA support for Kavanaugh in urging SCOTUS to drop gun case

The city of New York and five Democratic senators are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to dismiss a Second Amendment case as moot because the city revised the gun rules at issue.

Limit guns in courthouses and train those who use them, ABA House of Delegates urges

Only court personnel who need guns for security reasons should be permitted to carry them in the courts, the ABA House of Delegates said Monday.

Afternoon Briefs: Bar associations battle over trademark; New Jersey judge rebuked over rape case

Even though the Association of Trial Lawyers of America changed its name to the American Association for Justice in 2006, the Washington, D.C.-based bar association is suing the California-based…

Chemerinsky: A look back at the Supreme Court’s October 2018 term

There was much that was unusual about the U.S. Supreme Court’s October 2018 term, writes Erwin Chemerinsky, law dean at the University of California at Berkeley. What should be gleaned?

Spotting concealed gun isn’t reason enough for police to stop and investigate, top state court rules

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that police violate the Fourth Amendment when they stop people simply because they are carrying concealed guns. The Friday ruling overturns a 1991 state decision.

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