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Court to decide whether Constitution grants protections to Mexican boy killed by US border guard

The case of Hernandez v. Mesa comes amid the wider debate about illegal immigration and the call to strengthen the U.S.-Mexico border, and against a background of a troubling number of cross-border shootings by U.S. agents. Oral arguments in the case are scheduled for today.

How will Trump shape the Supreme Court?

The surprise election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency caused tremors at the White House, in Congress and in world capitals. But the most lasting impact may be at the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court considers challenges to racial gerrymandering

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear appeals today from special three-judge federal panels that involve race considerations in redistricting in North Carolina and Virginia.

SCOTUS will decide whether Miami can sue banks under the Fair Housing Act

The mortgage-lending practices of the nation’s largest banks and their effects on inner-city neighborhoods will be the backdrop in a U.S. Supreme Court case to be argued today.

SCOTUS considers death penalty case in which expert testified race could predict future violence

Today, a Texas death row inmate challenges his trial lawyer’s expert witness, who predicted the his potential for violence based on his race.

Supreme Court divided over warrants discovered in illegal stops

The arrest of Edward J. Strieff Jr. outside a Utah convenience store led to two diametrically opposed responses on the U.S. Supreme Court this past spring.

Juror strikes in capital murder case were based on race, SCOTUS rules

Race-based peremptory juror strikes in a capital murder case are unconstitutional.

Oyez website finds sponsors to take over its Supreme Court audio archives

The future of Oyez, the website devoted to audio recordings of U.S. Supreme Court proceedings, was up in the air earlier this year as founder Jerry Goldman approached retirement. At…

Court says criminal defendants should be allowed to pay lawyers with ‘untainted’ funds

When the government brings charges against criminal suspects, it often seizes their assets, a move that can cripple a defendant's ability to pay for a legal defense.

Senate hold on Merrick Garland nomination is unprecedented, almost

In the nation's capital, there's nothing quite like a U.S. Supreme Court nomination battle for intrigue, political energy and unpredictability. It's a drama that even with relatively noncontroversial nominations features…

After Scalia: The Supreme Court goes back to work amid uncertainty

Antonin Scalia was a force on the Supreme Court for nearly 30 years, both for his conservative judicial outlook and his sheer strength of personality. His unexpected death on Feb.…

Supreme Court to consider abortion regulations and the contraception-coverage mandate

In a U.S. Supreme Court term full of hot-button issues—voting rights, affirmative action, union fees and immigration, to name a few—the month of March will stand out.

After his first decade, Alito is ‘every bit as conservative as conservatives could have dreamed’

A crowd of several hundred people gathered in the auditorium of the National Archives building in Washington, D.C., last fall to hear a conversation with a member of the U.S.…

Nonunion teachers seek relief from paying fees for collective bargaining

For more than 40 years, the power of public employee unions has been built in part on money paid by those who refuse to join the union but are still…

Redistricting case brings partisan politics, immigration and federalism before SCOTUS

The U.S. Supreme Court has required states and local government jurisdictions to observe the principle of "one person, one vote" in redistricting for more than half a century.