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Supreme Court justices regularly seek to change the errors of their ways

Federal Circuit gets reined in over patent fees in infringement suits

SCOTUS ruling may enliven the debate over affirmative action

Experts sound off once again on Justice Thomas’ silence

Low-tech high court to weigh police search of smartphones

Companies claim contraceptive mandate goes against owners’ religious beliefs

Did the EPA go too far in regulating greenhouse gases? SCOTUS to decide

SCOTUS ponders whether the president can make appointments while Congress is out

Did town show disparate-impact bias in taking over buildings?

The establishment clause is still a contentious battle among the justices

Campaign funding and affirmative action come back before the Supreme Court

It was another big term for amicus curiae briefs at the high court

DNA from arrested suspects is like any valid booking process, SCOTUS says

SCOTUS limits the Alien Tort Statute, slowing suits against U.S. companies for action overseas

Copyright case upholds the rights of purchasers to buy abroad and sell in U.S.

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