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Law prof Chemerinsky offers a syllabus on how the high court can polish its publicity

Court weighs whether a prosecutor can use a defendant’s refusal to answer a question

Justices will probe Arizona’s voter registration law

Supreme Court weighs whether Virginia can deny public records to noncitizens

Blood Simple: DWI Test Is Latest in a Series of SCOTUS 4th Amendment Cases

A Sixth Sense: 6th Circuit Has Surpassed the 9th as the Most Reversed Appeals Court

A Touch of Class: Certification, Says One Brief, ‘Is the Ballgame’

Eyes of US Are Upon Texas: Affirmative Action Case Kicks Off the Supreme Court’s 2012 Term

Marriage Proposal: Court May Weigh Levels of Scrutiny for Same-Sex Couples

Youth Will Out: No Matter Who Wins, SCOTUS Nominees Will Get Younger

New Laws of Nature Law: Ruling Questions Scientific Patents

Please Plea Me: Court Expands Effective Assistance of Counsel

Citizens Dis-United: Justices May Take Another Look at Campaign Finance Case

Immigration’s Next Chapter: Arizona to Tell Its Tale of How to Stop Illegal Immigrants

Sitting This One Out: Health Care Case Again Raises Recusal Controversy

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