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Court May Make It Easier to Invalidate an Invention

Corporate Giant Wal-Mart Faces a Huge Class Action by Female Workers

Candidates Say Public Campaign Funds Chill Their 1st Amendment Rights

Court Probes Whether Officials Can Pull Kids Out of Class for Questioning

Corporate Rights Are Again at Issue as AT&T Wants to Keep Info a Secret

Raising Arizona: High Court Eyes State’s Punishments for Hiring Unauthorized Aliens

Mortal Combat

Video game makers fight for their right to be as bad as they wanna be

A Changing Landscape

In first court with three women, all eyes are on Justice Kagan

Turning Miranda ‘Upside Down’?

The high court keeps pecking away at the famous 1966 decision

Standing by Its Flexible Standards

The Bilski ruling will keep the patent bar churning

The ‘Super Median’

On an ideological court, it’s all about keeping Justice Kennedy

On the Campaign Trail

Court weighs arguments for anonymity on public petitions

Whither the Uighurs?

Court passes on the fate of Chinese Muslims remaining at Gitmo

Right to Belong

Christian group says it does; California law school says it doesn’t

Police De-text-ive

Is it a privacy violation to review messages on a work-issued pager?

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