Supreme Court Report

164 ABA Journal Supreme Court Report articles.

Friends of the Court Are Friends of Mine

With fewer cases, more competition, firms use amicus briefs to grab attention

Sentencing, Gitmo Key New Term

High court takes another look at knotty issues

Reagan Arising

At last, the court that conservatives hoped for since the 1980s arrives

New Theories of Evolution

The debate about whether justices’ philosophies change is revived

The High Court’s Danish Prince

Whether to be or not to be a liberal or conservative majority, Kennedy decides

An Outside Shot at Securities Fraud

It’s too late for Enron defendants, as plaintiffs pursue ‘scheme liability’

The Reach of the Writ

Habeas corpus rights of Guantanamo detainees are still up in the air

A Sixth Sense About Criminal Trials

A young litigator unites Justice Scalia and the court’s liberals over defendants’ rights

A Death Sentence Is Brought to Mind

Court examines mental illness and an inmate’s understanding of execution

Court Takes Cases Out of the Office

Firing, racial bias, minimum wage fill out employment law issues

Paging Dr. Miles: Antitrust Law Examined

Absent for a decade, price-fixing and competition are back before the high court

Clerks Avoid Getting Their DIGs In

They just say no to cert petitions, as the court’s docket shrinks

Ascendant Stevens

O’Connor’s Retirement Wasn’t the Only Surprise, as the Senior Justice Held Sway