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A Torturous Process

Tort suits prove inadequate to challenge anti-terror policies

How Did They Get It So Wrong?

Left and right differ on the decisions, but each side has its ‘worst’ list

9/11 Fallout: The Next Round

N.Y. detainee says attorney general, FBI director to blame for prison beatings

Fines, Fox, FCC ... and other F-Words

30 years after ‘7 Words,’ the court hears fleeting expletives

Taking Trials to Court

Every day in criminal trials, prosecutors in­troduce reports from crime labs as evidence. States carried out tests in 1.9 million drug cases alone in 2006, Nov 2, 2008 2:35 AM CST

Sonar, F-Bombs and Public Parks

An eclectic blend of cases and three-a-day arguments are on tap this term

Points of View

Court sees more videos, but critics say fact-finding should remain the jury’s job

The History Boys

In the term’s biggest cases, the justices offer lessons on English kings and courts

About Face

A tool of the civil rights movement is increasingly unwelcome in the high court

Advice of Consul

In two major treaty rulings, the Roberts court has drawn the line at the border

Trumping the States

Business is finding success in federal pre-emption cases

Death for Rape, an Echo of the Past

In a busy month for criminal cases, SCOTUS looks once more at capital punishment

A Cowgirl Rides the Circuits

Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor puts her brand on federal appellate courts

Iraq Is New Front in Detainee Battle

Clash over habeas corpus rights moves from Guantanamo to Baghdad

Taking the Firm to SCOTUS School

It’s not just law students who gain from high court litigation clinics

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