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Trumping the States

Business is finding success in federal pre-emption cases

Death for Rape, an Echo of the Past

In a busy month for criminal cases, SCOTUS looks once more at capital punishment

A Cowgirl Rides the Circuits

Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor puts her brand on federal appellate courts

Iraq Is New Front in Detainee Battle

Clash over habeas corpus rights moves from Guantanamo to Baghdad

Taking the Firm to SCOTUS School

It’s not just law students who gain from high court litigation clinics

At Sea Over Punitives

Justices sail into murky waters over damages from infamous disaster

Tinkering with Lethal Injection

An Eighth Amendment challenge comes before the high court

Taking On the Job

The court weighs worker rights in age bias, benefits suits

Friends of the Court Are Friends of Mine

With fewer cases, more competition, firms use amicus briefs to grab attention

Sentencing, Gitmo Key New Term

High court takes another look at knotty issues

Reagan Arising

At last, the court that conservatives hoped for since the 1980s arrives

New Theories of Evolution

The debate about whether justices’ philosophies change is revived

The High Court’s Danish Prince

Whether to be or not to be a liberal or conservative majority, Kennedy decides

An Outside Shot at Securities Fraud

It’s too late for Enron defendants, as plaintiffs pursue ‘scheme liability’

The Reach of the Writ

Habeas corpus rights of Guantanamo detainees are still up in the air

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