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A Touch of Terror?

Court looks at free speech vs. material support for terrorism

Taking Techs to Trial

Two terms in a row, justices weigh bringing lab analysts into court

A League of Their Own

The NFL wants to run up the score on its antitrust exemption

An Honest Debate

Court eyes how far the anti-fraud law goes

Adult Time for Adult Crimes

Is life without parole unconstitutional for juveniles?

Drawing the Line

Court looks again at how much immunity prosecutors have

Shedding Tiers

Look out, Harvard: Seton Hall grad makes it to clerk status.

Sotomayor Takes Her Seat

First Amendment, legal advice cases on new term’s docket

Hillary: The Law Changer

Unusual pre-term rehearing may reshape campaign finance laws

Caperton Capers

Court’s recusal ruling sparks states to mull judicial contribution laws

Narrowing the Courthouse Door

High court makes it tougher to get past the pleading stage

Last of the Old Guard

Souter is gone—so is moderate GOP

The Future in Black and White

In the era of President Barack Obama, race relations still play out

Business Downturn

As the market tumbles, so does the corporate pre-emption defense

Who’s Policing the Fourth Amendment?

Two cases push the unevenly enforced exclusionary rule closer to repeal

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