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ABA Board to Consider Membership Efforts at Annual Meeting

Facing an expected membership decline of up to 4,000 lawyers this year, the ABA has hired Leo Burnett Co. to help market itself.

The advertising agency will give a presentation…

Rule of Law to Baseball

Neukom plans to stay active on international issues

In Search of Equality

Commission says barriers remain after 20 years

Screening Door Held Ajar

Modification of Model Rules is tabled—for now

Assisting Military Families

Wells also focuses on voter rights, judicial choices

The Way of the Dinosaurs?

Warnings of need for change fill legal services hearing

A Lesson Unlearned

Sixteen years after watershed case, lawyers may yet be subprime targets

Coverage Roundup: Day 6

UPI: “Wells is new leader of lawyers’ group”

Blog of Legal Times: “Mukasey on Justice Department Hiring: The System Failed”

Aug 13, 2008 1:05 AM CDT

President-Elect to Focus on Upping ABA Member Rolls

New ABA President-Elect Carolyn B. Lamm told the House of Delegates today that she plans to appoint a series of task forces to look at key segments of the legal…

ABA Stands Pat on Lateral Lawyer Rules

Updated: By a single vote, the ABA’s 555-member policy-making House of Delegates decided this morning to postpone indefinitely consideration of an amendment to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to…

DOJ Has Cleaned House, Mukasey Tells ABA

Updated: Attorney General Michael Mukasey told the ABA House of Delegates this morning that “politics must play no role in either the hiring of career [Department of Justice] employees or…

House of Delegates Passionately Debates ABA’s Goals

In the 25 years since the ABA’s policy-making House of Delegates took a comprehensive look at the association’s mission and goals, the number of ABA goals has grown from seven…

Coverage Roundup: Day 5

The Am Law Daily: “ABA Hears From Sudanese Attorney on Darfur Crisis”

The Blog of Legal Times: “DC’s Lamm…

ABA Proposes Bipartisan Judicial Selection Process

Updated: Senators from each state should jointly appoint bipartisan commissions of lawyers and others to recommend the names of attorneys to fill federal trial court vacancies that the senators might…

ABA OKs Bar Exam Courses for Graduation

The ABA’s policy-making House of Delegates this afternoon concurred in Resolution 112B (PDF) of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar that law schools may now…

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