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10 Questions: James Dunstan

James E. Dunstan, the principal of Springfield, Virginia-based Mobius Legal Group, has spent more than 30 years specializing in space law.

Federal judge overturns Massachusetts city law regulating drones

In the first federal court ruling (PDF) concerning attempts by city and state jurisdictions to regulate the use of drones, a judge denied a requirement by a city…

Navigating drone laws has become a growing and lucrative legal niche

The brave new world of drones has spawned a growing—and lucrative—legal niche. With little case law for guidance and a complex web of government regulations to wade through, “drone attorneys” have recently found themselves in high demand.

Lawyer who filed petition over missing Malaysia Airlines flight has disappeared

A Chicago lawyer who filed a court petition seeking information about the disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight 370 is herself missing.

Monica Ribbeck Kelly has left “a trail of unhappy…

9th Circuit allows airline passenger’s contract suit over delayed baggage

An airline passenger’s suit seeking a refund of a checked baggage fee because of delayed luggage delivery is not pre-empted by federal law, a federal appeals court has ruled.


Lawyer who represents man dragged from flight now represents mom in airline stroller incident

Chicago lawyer Thomas Demetrio now represents a second unhappy airline passenger.

Demetrio announced Monday that he represents a mother shown in an online video crying after an American Airlines flight…

Lawyer for man dragged from plane sees lawsuit likelihood, wants to stop airline bullying

A lawyer for the man dragged from a United Airlines plane said at a press conference on Thursday that his client will need reconstructive surgery and will "probably" file a lawsuit.

United passenger dragged off plane hires high-profile personal injury lawyer

Updated: A United Airlines passenger who was dragged from a plane has retained a well-known Chicago personal injury lawyer.

Can United order passenger ouster? Check out its contract of carriage and federal compensation caps

United Airlines is taking a lot of heat after a video showed a recalcitrant passenger who was bumped from a flight on Sunday being dragged down the aisle of a plane in Chicago.

The Outer Space Treaty turns 50. Can it survive a new space race?

The treaty is a product of the Cold War and primarily addresses concerns of that era, including nuclear war. So for 50 years, the treaty has prevented belligerent nations from putting weapons of mass destruction into space. But space is becoming big business, and commercial interests are putting new pressures on the law of outer space.

5 United Nations treaties in outer space

There are five international treaties that deal with issues such as arms control, freedom of exploration, liability for damage caused by space objects, exploitation of natural resources in outer space, and more.

Federal judge tosses suit against property owner who shot down hovering drone

A federal judge in Louisville has dismissed a suit seeking damages against a property owner who shot down a hobbyist’s drone in 2015.

Senior U.S. District Judge Thomas Russell dismissed…

TSA’s behavior detection program lacks scientific basis, ACLU says

The Transportation Security Administration overstated the scientific validity of a program that uses “behavior detection” to spot people who pose a security risk, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Flight-sharing company Flytenow’s appeal rejected by Supreme Court

An argument that Flytenow—which facilitated flight-sharing between private pilots and passengers by way of an app—was not a “common carrier” was rejected Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The cert…

Federal judge nixes big-game hunter’s suit over airline’s refusal to transport trophy rhinoceros

A Texan who made the winning bid of $350,000 at a Dallas Safari Club auction for a permitted trip to kill an African rhinoceros wound up suing Delta Airlines last…

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