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Hurricane Harvey

24 ABA Journal Hurricane Harvey articles.

Dale Felton: Texas Lawyers’ Facebook friend

After Hurricane Harvey, Dale Felton shared tips, insights and advice about flood insurance claims on the Texas Lawyers Facebook page.

Social media unites lawyers to help those in need

Hurricane Harvey, and then Hurricane Irma, proved to be the coming of age for social media as tools for court systems and the legal profession to deal with such emergencies.

Legal community meets relief challenges after hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Attorneys affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma have risen to the occasion in ways personal, professional and altruistic, even when dealing with storm damage of their own. And four months after two hurricanes hit Puerto Rico, the situation for lawyers there is still hard to assess.

Churches are now eligible for disaster aid; FEMA changed policy after lawsuits

Churches are no longer excluded from disaster aid as a result of a policy change by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

FEMA announced the policy change earlier this month and…

Judiciary’s handling of sexual harassment complaints will be evaluated, Chief Justice Roberts says

The judiciary will evaluate the way it handles complaints of sexual harassment and its own standards of conduct regarding inappropriate behavior, according to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.

Suits target government’s decision to release reservoir water during Hurricane Harvey

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed on behalf of Houston homeowners seeking compensation as a result of a federal decision to release water from two reservoirs during Hurricane Harvey.


Jailed defendants await resumption of jury trials after Hurricane Harvey

Jury trials in criminal cases in Harris County, Texas, following Hurricane Harvey could resume next Monday, but logistical problems will continue to slow the system.

The delays are causing concern…

Texas judges reportedly get in tiff over shared bench after Hurricane Harvey

Two judges in Harris County, Texas, reportedly clashed while sharing a bench in the civil courthouse after the main criminal court was damaged in Hurricane Harvey.

Judge Jim Wallace wanted…

Legal aid hotline opens for Hurricane Irma victims

Updated: A legal aid hotline has opened for Hurricane Irma victims in Florida who can’t afford a lawyer.

The hotline number is 866-550-2929, report the Orlando Sentinel and an…

First responders sue chemical plant owners for failing to warn of dangers from fire

A group of seven first responders have filed a lawsuit against the owner of the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, for alleged negligence and failure to warn about the…

Who is responsible for hurricane damage? Suits could be based on climate-change science

Pioneering lawsuits based on climate-change science could blame hurricane damage on municipal planners, architects and engineers who failed to plan for foreseeable damages, some lawyers say.

3 Texas churches sue FEMA over exclusion from disaster relief

Three churches in Texas have filed a lawsuit seeking equal access to disaster relief from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to repair their buildings after Hurricane Harvey.

The Becket religious…

Lawyers offering help to Hurricane Harvey victims include 1,600 volunteers from across the nation

Lawyers from legal-aid organizations and law firms have been working shifts at Texas shelters to offer free help for Hurricane Harvey victims, while at least 1,600 lawyers from across the…

Some BigLaw firms in downtown Houston reopen after Hurricane Harvey

Some large law firms in downtown Houston were open or planning to reopen next week after weathering Hurricane Harvey with little or no damage.

Kenneth Broughton, managing partner at Reed…

Have you ever had to cope with a natural disaster?

Updated: Hurricane Harvey has devastated coastal Texas, causing at least 38 deaths and damaging tens of thousands of homes. Lawyers, paralegals and law students who want to lend their skills…

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