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Rex Gradeless: Follow the Tweeter

Tweeting for social media in law

Suzanne E. Turner: Global Pro Bono

Working to make pro bono international

Charles J. Hynes: Jail Breaker

Promoting alternatives to jail terms for nonviolent offenders

Cynthia Calvert: Practicing for Lawyers

Seeking work-life balance in law firms

Rodney Smolla: Running a New Play

Revamping law school in a practical mode

Chip Mellor: Libertarian Law

Proving humor has a place in issues advocacy

David Lat: Gossip at Law

Remaking legal journalism by crowd-sourcing the news

Marjorie Shultz: Up to the Test

Designing a race-balanced law exam

Frank Aquila: Free Talker

Pushing back the curtain through media of all types

Michael Will: With the Program

Designing software that helps lawyers work better and faster

Ken Adams: Word Miser

Educating lawyers to be better writers

Dan Schwartz: Bar Known

Bringing his state bar into the Internet age

Susan Cartier Liebel: Solos’ Champion

Establishing an online school for solos

Cheryl Conner: Singing the Law

Advocating holistic, collaborative law

Mae O’Malley: Mogul Mom

Running a temporary legal staffing business

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