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Michael Will: With the Program

Designing software that helps lawyers work better and faster

Ken Adams: Word Miser

Educating lawyers to be better writers

Dan Schwartz: Bar Known

Bringing his state bar into the Internet age

Susan Cartier Liebel: Solos’ Champion

Establishing an online school for solos

Cheryl Conner: Singing the Law

Advocating holistic, collaborative law

Mae O’Malley: Mogul Mom

Running a temporary legal staffing business

Carl Malamud: Paper Tiger

Working to make public documents accessible

Thomas Bruce: First Adapter

Founding the first Internet site for legal documents

William Henderson: Law Prof Means Business

Studying the practice of law from his perch in academia

Adam Reich: Media Man

Using media to free a client

Jeffrey Hughes: The Legal Grinder

Serving legal advice with coffee

Patrick Lamb: A Betting Man

Betting on better service to clients

Laurel Edgeworth: The Matchmaker

Matching law grads with clerk positions online

Richard Granat: Internet Obsessive

Franchising the virtual law practice

David Van Zandt: Purple Praise

Taking a business approach to legal education

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