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Legal Rebels Profiles

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Tom Goldstein: Star of SCOTUS

Mastering all things SCOTUS

J. Kim Wright: Collaborator

Promoting curative, therapeutic and holistic law

Nicole Black: Boss of Blogs

Advising lawyers to wire up to Web 2.0

James Holderman: Jury Duties

Judging jury participation as a good thing

Pamela Woldow: Point Person

Navigating into the future of the legal profession

Max Miller: The Immerser

Teaching lawyers how to serve entrepreneurs

Matt Homann: Law Thinker

“Un-conferencing” for innovation

Ronald Staudt: Web + Law = A2J

Tying legal aid to technology

Mark Britton: Lawyer Rater

Rating lawyers online

Emery Harlan: Diversifier

Organizing minority- and woman-owned law firms

Mike Roster: The Cost of Value

Demanding increased value of services

Tim Stanley: Big Giver

Founding free legal websites

Andrew Grech: Taking Stock

Leading the first publicly owned law practice

Charles Nesson: Post-It-All Prof

Pushing the envelope on info access

Luz Herrera: ‘Low Bono’ Pioneer

Advocating “low bono” to serve poor clients

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