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Michael Poulshock’s Hammurabi Project aims to make law and regulations accessible to the masses

Code of Law

Meet our 2013 Legal Rebels

Excuse us for waving our own flag, but we are exceedingly proud of our fifth-year selections for the ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels.

Our annual honors program for the change leaders…

Best way to boost access to justice? Change ethics rules, ‘13 Legal Rebel Renee Knake says

Making New Lawyers

Tech skills are the key to law students’ future employment, says ‘13 Legal Rebel Dan Katz

Facing Law's Future

Jordan Thomas Wrote the Rules on—and Represents—Whistleblowers

Silent No More

For Linda Alvarez, ‘Attorney’ Doesn’t Have to Equal ‘Adversary’

Agreeing Advocate

Mark Harris’ ‘Managed Services’ Make Multimillions

More to Offer

Kyle McEntee Challenges Law Schools to Come Clean

Scourge of the Status Quo

Kingsley Martin’s Analysis Software Spots Contract Flaws

A Better Benchmark

Moradzadeh and Silberman Maintain High-Tech, No-Pomp Practice

Pairing and Paring

Nicole Bradick Helps Small Firms Get Part-Time Help from Lawyer-Moms

Balance Builder

Maurits Barendrecht: Justice for the World

Justice for the World

Ruth Carter: (Flash) Mob Lawyer

(Flash) Mob Lawyer

Vincent Morris: All for the Needy

All for the Needy

Legal Rebels 2012: If the Shoe Fits…

This is our fourth iteration of the ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels, our annual nod to lawyers who are helping change the profession in ways both big and small. These are…

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