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The life and lovers of legendary Hollywood lawyer (podcast)
“He was the only person I ever knew in Hollywood who was a star without being in a movie,” says Robert Wagner in the foreword of "The Man Who Seduced Hollywood: The Life and Loves of Greg Bautzer, Tinseltown's Most Powerful Lawyer." ABA Journal reporter Rachel Zahorsky speaks with Gladstone about Bautzer's life and legal achievements, including his representation of famous recluse Howard Hughes.
‘Lawyer Bubble’ author discusses what the future looks like for today’s new lawyers
Want to protect individual freedom? Have a strong central government, says ‘Rule of the Clan’ author
We live in a society which values individual freedoms, but we come from a place which valued kinship ties above all else. Author Mark S. Weiner has studied ancient and modern-day clan societies in which group responsibility, rather than individual responsibility, is the rule of law.
What if Crim Law was taught by cartoons?
It's not meant to be a replacement to law school, says Burney, but his book The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law is just the first in a planned series to cover all the courses of a 1L. He discusses how the project developed with ABA Journal podcast editor Lee Rawles.
How to practice law in a ‘sharing economy’ (Podcast)
In Upcoming Memoir, Sotomayor Tells How Fear of Early Death Affected Motherhood Decision

A new memoir by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, scheduled for publication in January, explains a primary reason she opted not to have children: a fear of early death.

Sotomayor has struggled…

Is Batman a State Actor? ‘Law of Superheroes’ Authors Dish on Comics in the Courtroom
Long have comic book fans debated the minutiae of the genre. Lawyers James Daily and Ryan Davidson, authors of the two-time Blawg 100 nominee Law and the Multiverse, have taken the discussion from the comic book store’s backroom to the courtroom. In their new book, The Law of Superheroes, Davidson and Daily map out what the legal implications would be for various superhero powers and storylines.
‘Conspiracy of Silence’ Allowed Judges’ Kids-for-Cash Scandal to Occur, Says Author
For five years, two judges in Luzerne County, Penn., colluded with the owners of a juvenile detention facility to place children in detention for minor offenses, in exchange for bribes amounting to almost $2.8 million. In "Kids for Cash: Two Judges, Thousands of Children, and a $2.8 Million Kickback Scheme," William Ecenbarger tells the story of what happened in Luzerne County, and how a "conspiracy of silence" enabled the fraud to go on as long as it did.
Voter Fraud v. Voter Suppression: Author Explains That Neither Is Quite What We Think
‘Good Girls Revolt’ Author Discusses Groundbreaking 1970s Sex-Discrimination Suit Against Newsweek
Author Describes Clash of Titans Jefferson and Marshall in ‘The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr’
Marbury v. Madison may have been their first major legal battle, but President Thomas Jefferson and Chief Justice John Marshall clashed again in the treason trial of former Vice President Aaron Burr. Professor R. Kent Newmyer reveals these events in his new book, "The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr: Law, Politics, and the Character Wars of the New Nation," and joined the Modern Law Library podcast to discuss them with ABA Journal Web producer Lee Rawles.
After Going from BigLaw to ABC News, Author of ‘Exit Interview’ Witnessed Seismic Changes
‘Five-Finger Discount’ Costs Billions, Says Author of Shoplifting Book ‘The Steal’
Shoplifting–is it little Johnny swiping a pack of gum, or a multi-billion-dollar crime epidemic? Well, it can be both, says Rachel Shteir, author of The Steal: A Cultural History of Shoplifting, and the public perception of shoplifting has shifted throughout history. Shteir speaks with the ABA Journal's Lee Rawles as they discuss professional shoplifters called boosters, the treatments available for compulsive shoplifters, and the extraordinary extrajudicial industry of "loss prevention."
Scalia Discusses Views on Textualism and the Process of Co-Writing His New Book
Federal Judge Pens Memoir About His Time on the Bench and His High-Profile Cases in ‘Disrobed’

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