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March 2008 Issue

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Mac v. PC

The decades-long Mac versus PC battle recalls those video games in which the Big Boss Bad Guy just can’t seem to squash our nim­ble little hero.

Clever marketing and product development vie against massive market share. And with each round, the question grows: Is there a reason to switch to Apple, and is now the time?

This year the ABA Journal is letting some real advocates argue the case. Ben Stevens and Rick Georges are not only lawyers using opposing systems; they are proponents who advise on the use of technology in the law office.

They have strong opinions, and they’re not afraid to state them. No games, no rules and no punches pulled.

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Making Space Matter

As commercial prospects in space grow, a niche practice may be moving into the mainstream.

McElhaney on Litigation

Stuck in the Rut

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Attorney at Loan

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Ahead of the Curve

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The Broad Reach of the Unsung ABA


March 21, 1963

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A Strained Analogy