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Are Scambloggers Right About Law School? (Podcast)

What Today’s Outsourcing Boom Means for Legal Practice (Podcast)

When Thomson Reuters announced its acquisition of one of India’s largest legal outsourcing firm late last year, we wanted to know: Is the legal information giant entering into direct competition with its law firm clients? Listen to find out more.

Why Many Midsize Law Firms Are Prospering During the Recession (Podcast)

As corporate legal budgets continue to shrink, many general counsel are turning to midsize law firms in lieu of their more expensive, BigLaw counterparts. In fact, many midsize firms have reported significant success in the Great Recession. Listen to find out why.

Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights Aims to Right Wrongs of Discrimination

ABA Journal interview with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, honorary co-chair of the ABA's Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities.

Do Reduced-Hour Workloads Derail Partnership-Track Careers? (Podcast)

Work-life balance is always a hot topic among our readers, but this month our podcast guests were the ones fired-up in a heated discussion about the realities of practicing law, raising children and making it all work.

This Term at the High Court: New Faces, New Controversies & a Dynamic Policial Climate (Podcast)

Justice Ginsburg Chats About Balancing Career & Family When Her Children Were Small (Podcast)

Ginsburg on Her Gender Discrimination Cases and the Country’s Changing Views of Equality (Podcast)

Should Lawyers Fresh Out of Law School Start a Solo Practice? (Podcast)

Where to Start & What to Charge for Lawyers-in-Training (Podcast)

New Rainmaking Tricks Even Old Dogs Can’t Afford to Ignore (Podcast)

Yesterday’s service partners can be today’s niche lawyers. So says a panel of business development experts, who discussed a variety of tools for the transition.

Dems, GOP Bring in Military Officers to Discuss Kagan’s Harvard Policies (Podcast)

Law School Cases, Press Coverage and Other Notable Items (Podcast)

GOP Takes 2nd Round: ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Military Recruiting (Podcast)

GOP Takes Aim at Kagan’s Record, But She Has Breezy Conversation with Graham (Podcast)

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