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$4.85B Vioxx Settlement to End Merck’s $600M Annual Legal Fees

Merck has agreed to settle 27,000 lawsuits over its pain medication Vioxx for $4.85 billion.

The settlement is one of the largest ever in a civil suit, the

Suits Target Chemical Used in Medical Tests

Plaintiffs lawyers are filing lawsuits against companies involved in the manufacture of a contrast dye used to help capture images for medical tests.

The suits claims the heavy metal, gadolinium,…

Whistle-blower ‘Blown Away’ by DOJ Reward Stance

Cell Therapeutics has agreed to settle a whistle-blower suit that contended the company marketed a cancer drug for unapproved uses, costing Medicare millions of dollars. But the whistle-blower could get…

Judge Rebuked for Demeaning Comments

A Seattle-area judge was admonished today for a lewd exchange with a defendant in his courtroom and for making demeaning references to the ethnicity of others.

Specifically, King County District…

School Board Member Gives Up Adopted Kid

It isn’t just ordinary parents who sometimes find themselves unable to cope with the extreme demands placed on them by a troubled, potentially violent child.

A member of the Pinellas…

Florida Amps Up Health Fraud Prosecution

Health-care fraud reportedly may rival drug-dealing as Florida’s biggest illegal industry, and prosecutors are starting to take notice.

Last year, for instance, 80 percent of the medicine billed to Medicare…

Jury Rights Wrong Wyeth Verdict

A Nevada jury that withdrew nearly $100 million in a compensatory verdict for plaintiffs who took Prempro and Premarin has now awarded about that much in punitive damages.

Jurors yesterday…

Oops! Jurors Revise $100M Wyeth Award

Nevada jurors confessed they made a mistake in setting compensatory damages against the maker of Premarin and Prempro, hormone replacement drugs alleged to have caused breast cancer in three women.

WA, Not Parents to Fund Child Mental Care?

In a ruling that could help struggling families, the Washington Supreme Court says the state must help some children who need mental health services even if their parents aren’t unfit.

Menopause Drug Verdict: $134.5 M

Three Nevada women who claimed Prempro and Premarin caused their breast cancer have won a $134.5 verdict against the maker of the hormone-replacement drugs.

The Reno jury delivered the verdict…

Medical Privacy Gets Celebrity Billing

Movie star George Clooney has given the issue of medical privacy an unexpected boost.

His treatment at a New Jersey hospital for a broken rib after a motorcycle accident may…

ACLU: Feds’ Drugging of Immigrants Torture?

In a motion filed yesterday in an asylum case, the American Civil Liberties Union calls for a halt to an admitted federal policy of forcibly injecting some immigrants with psychotropic…

14 Years, No Trial: Retarded Man Freed

Relatives expressed relief today after a judge ruled that a retarded North Carolina man who was never tried, yet had been held 14 years in a state mental institution concerning…

Doctors Drawn to ‘Friendlier’ Texas

In Texas, it can be a long wait for a doctor: up to six months.

A “friendlier” malpractice climate in Texas is drawing more physicians to the state.

In the…

Stents Help Patients’ Hearts, Lawyers’ Bottom Line

Coronary artery stents are big business—not only for the companies that make them but also for lawyers.

Litigation over patent rights may be hindering development of new products and forcing…

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