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73 ABA Journal 10 Questions articles.

10 Questions: From plaintiffs to patients, Don D. Bush shifts careers at 70

Don D. Bush left his position as a magistrate judge with the U.S. District Court for work as a medical technician for a nonprofit urgent care clinic and an ambulance service.

10 Questions: Civil rights lawyer Farhana Khera fights for religious freedom for all Americans

As the executive director of Muslim Advocates, Farhana Khera and her staff work with volunteer lawyers and dedicated faith leaders across the country to stand up to hate and bias through education, advocacy and litigation.

10 Questions: James Dunstan

James E. Dunstan, the principal of Springfield, Virginia-based Mobius Legal Group, has spent more than 30 years specializing in space law.

10 Questions: Rachel Lindsay

In January, Rachel Lindsay became one of the 30 women on The Bachelor but came home single. This summer, however, the 32-year-old Cooper & Scully associate got another chance at romance as the star of The Bachelorette.

10 Questions: LA solo brings together musical lawyers in a philharmonic he founded

Solo practitioner Gary S. Greene formed an all-volunteer orchestra composed entirely of lawyers and judges. The Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic has been so successful that Greene has since founded a 100-member chorus and a jazz big band.

10 Questions: Immigration lawyer Kimi Jackson deals with matters of life and death

The ABA-sponsored South Texas Pro Bono Asylum Representation Project helps asylum-seekers and other detained immigrants in South Texas detention facilities. Kimi Jackson is ProBAR’s director.

10 Questions: Judge and former NFL player Dwayne Woodruff

Judge Dwayne D. Woodruff, a former professional football player—and Super Bowl champion—Woodruff went to law school full-time while he played defensive back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, after more than a decade on the court bench, Woodruff is running for a seat on the state supreme court.

5 tips from a BigLaw partner on ‘making it work’ in real life

Making it Work is a new column in partnership with the Working Mother Best Law Firms for Women initiative in which lawyers share how they manage both life’s challenges and work’s demands.

Joanna Horsnail, being a single parent for 10 years and partner at Mayer Brown for 13 years, offers tips for “making it work” while real life goes on around you.

10 Questions: Indiana family law attorney has a second career in high fashion

From family court to haute couture, this Indiana solo helps clients present their best.

10 Questions: For rap and hip-hop artists, LA lawyer Julian Petty represents

As a college intern at Def Jam Records, Julian K. Petty saw firsthand how poorly artists were represented, and he vowed that someday, he’d do something about it. Fast-forward 20…

10 Questions: Brittany Heyd helps startups solve society’s pressing problems

If you’re a startup dedicated to solving big problems in sectors such as energy, education and transportation, Brittany Heyd wants to help. She’s the managing director and general counsel at…

10 Questions: Lawyer’s best-selling novel started as a birthday resolution

Author Julie Lawson Timmer—whose debut novel Five Days Left was a best-seller—has no plans to leave law to write full-time. “I never want to have to care if a book sells or not,” says Timmer, who is working on her fourth novel “I think it would take an artistic endeavor and a lifelong dream and turn it into a chore. I also care about my company very much, and I love that my job is different every day. If that sometimes means I have to work long hours and it cuts into my writing time, that’s life.”

10 Questions: Omaha lawyer spends Sundays as NFL official

Every fall, plenty of lawyers have an opinion about football. The difference is that Clete Blakeman’s opinion matters.

12 months of 10 Questions: Meet some of the fascinating lawyers we profiled in 2016

Through the ABA Journal’s monthly 10 Questions feature, reporter Jenny B. Davis spent 2016 speaking to legal professionals of all different backgrounds and walks of life. Here are the 12…

10 Questions: How Anita Dhake left BigLaw to travel the world

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