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This Houston lawyer is now representing a death row inmate he reported on as a TV newsman

Earlier this year, Quinncy N. McNeal was surfing the Internet when he discovered that an execution date had been set for Rodney Reed, a Texas death row inmate convicted of…

10 Questions: Has the ADA measured up?

Meet the judge who has become a national sensation as ‘Bongo Lady’

By day, Malenda Harris Meacham is a busy solo family law practitioner and part-time judge in Hernando, Mississippi. By night she's become something of an air bongo sensation. That's right—an…

Meet a lawyer trying to guide the all-cash cannabis industry into the federal banking system

South Carolina litigator Mark Mason knew as much about the marijuana industry as any other middle-aged, law-abiding lawyer. That is, until his son called from Denver asking for help. Now…

Distance-swimming lawyer raises money for charity while setting records

Courtney Moates Paulk doesn't just swim with sharks in the courtroom—she's in the water with them, too. An open-water marathon swimmer, Paulk earned the sport's Triple Crown in 2013 by…

This D.C. lawyer coordinated a massive pro bono effort on behalf of Holocaust victims

On Nov. 5, 1942, a young Jewish man named Leo Bretholz was herded into a French state-owned railway car bound for Auschwitz. Between 1942 and 1944, the Société Nationale des…

Why lead guitarist of Blind Melon left music for labor and employment law

As the guitarist for alternative rock band Blind Melon, Rogers Stevens spent years headlining venues and festivals around the world, recording albums and living his childhood dream.

The blue blood’s lawyer

Alexander Forger has had one of those careers that make you wonder: How in the world did he do that?

Want to be the next Miss America? Then you might want to hire this lawyer

Bill Alverson has been practicing law in the small town of Andalusia, Alabama, for nearly a quarter of a century. Together with his son, William Alverson, they run a law…