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Good headings show you’ve thought out your arguments well in advance

The most important part of a brief? That depends on whom you ask. Some say the issue statements. Others say page 1 (which ought to amount to the same thing).…

The Bluebook’s 20th edition prompts many musings from Bryan Garner

About 10 years ago, I was finishing a book for a friend of mine in London, the late Sir Robert Megarry, when in his mid-90s his health began to fail.…

Word choice influences the way jurors understand your argument

Bryan Garner offers a Magna Carta style guide

The Library of Congress has staged a magnificent exhibit on Magna Carta and its history. It is, after all, the 800th anniversary of the Great Charter of 1215. To…

How are your punctuation skills? Try this comparison exercise to find out

My fellow lawyers often bristle when I tell them that, on the whole, our profession can't punctuate. It's rare that I don't have to change commas, colons or hyphens in…

Regaining the Joy of Reading

At a law firm retreat, a partner approached me during a break. She had a problem she hoped I could solve: "I can't read anymore. I've lost the ability. I…

10 Tips for Better Legal Writing

Bryan Garner on legal neologisms and how ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’ keeps up (podcast with transcript)

Podcast Transcript

Stephanie Francis Ward: Language is a living thing. New words and phrases—or even grammatical shifts—mean that a lexicographer’s work is never truly complete.

Bryan A. Garner: Our to-do…

A Tale of 2 Associates: How polish and attention to detail can win the motion

The tortuous tale behind the 10th edition of the most widely cited lawbook in the world

Ax these terms from your legal writing

Face a classic word challenge and increase your personal power

For the Word Lovers: A look at linguistic phenomena

What judges really think about the phrase ‘May it please the Court?’

Why lawyers can’t write

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