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Legal Rebels and Trailblazers speak!

Hear these innovators tell the tales of how they began changing legal practice and where they see law is going in the future.

Paul Lippe’s ‘new normal’ was always about innovation (podcast)

For years, Paul Lippe has been a leader in helping corporate law departments adopt the approaches used in the best and most innovative parts of their own companies—and in doing so, significantly changing the relationships with and the work done by their outside lawyers.

Lisa Solomon found the time was right for her career in online legal research (podcast)

Justia’s Stacy Stern finds real profit in making things free (podcast)

What have previous Legal Rebels been up to? We talked to 8 of them to find out

CodeX co-founder caught the entrepreneurial bug at Stanford (podcast)

Born and raised in Austria, Roland Vogl fell in love with California almost from the moment he arrived in 1999 as a student at Stanford Law School. In particular, he was drawn to the entrepreneurial ethos of Stanford's home base of Silicon Valley.

"The idea of being in Silicon Valley and being immersed in the gung-ho spirit where people solve problems—not so much by policy and lawmaking but by building new systems—really appealed to me," says Vogl, a 2017 Legal Rebels Trailblazer.

Lawyerist founder Sam Glover reports anecdata from the legal community (podcast)

The website Lawyerist focuses on getting attorneys information they want. Determining what that is isn't hard, says founder Sam Glover, because readers frequently tell him through the site's discussion forum or on social media.

Judge Dixon stays on to keep bringing tech to courts (podcast)

Legal tech’s future is in lawyers’ mindset, Randi Mayes says (podcast)

When you ask Randi Mayes about the future of technology in law firms, she says its growth will stem from attorneys' behavior rather than specific product offerings.

Tech skills are no harder to learn than driving, says e-discovery expert Craig Ball (podcast)

For Fastcase founders, the message is: Change, and do it faster! (podcast)

Dewey B Strategic’s Jean O’Grady leads lawyers through the tech maze (podcast)

Jerry Goldman’s Oyez project gives a voice to SCOTUS arguments (podcast)

Deborah Rhode is at war with complacency (podcast)

Tech fails too, says Sensei’s Sharon Nelson (podcast)

Rocket Lawyer’s Charley Moore sees lawyer collaboration as the future (podcast)

Suh sees LegalZoom’s job as fixing a ‘failed’ legal system (podcast)

Technology? ‘It’s here, it’s good—do it,’ Ernie Svenson urges (podcast)

Technology is ‘breathtakingly positive,’ says writer Monica Bay (podcast)

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