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Alberto Gonzales reflects back on Bush administration and gives his advice for Trump staff (podcast)

The Hon. Alberto R. Gonzales rose from humble beginnings in Humble, Texas, to some of the highest legal positions in the country as White House counsel and U.S. attorney general under President George W. Bush.

Was this lawyer-turned-WWII-spy the basis for James Bond? (podcast)

In a different time, Dusko Popov might have enjoyed the life of a Serbian playboy without the interruption of espionage, subterfuge and violence.

But from the early days of World…

What can past presidential history teach us about today? (podcast)

The law is not Dallas attorney Talmage Boston's only love. He's had a fascination with presidential history since he was 7 years old.

John Lennon’s lawyer explains how musician’s deportation case changed immigration law (podcast)

When immigration attorney Leon Wildes got a call from an old law school classmate in January 1972 about representing a musician and his wife who were facing deportation, their names didn't ring a bell.

A seismic shift in how the US wages war, and what it means for the American public (podcast)

What is war? Is it a state that is entirely distinct from peace? Has it changed over the years to become something else? In this episode of the Modern Law…

Freedom isn’t the end of the story for exonerees (podcast)

When we hear about the wrongfully convicted, media coverage usually ends with the person being released from prison or reaching a large settlement with the state. But for the exonerated,…

How a 1980s lynching case helped bring down the Klan (podcast)

On the morning of March 21, 1981, the body of 19-year-old Michael Donald was found hanging from a tree in Mobile, Alabama. The years that followed saw the conviction of…

In ‘The Last Good Girl,’ Allison Leotta tackles the fraught subject of campus rape (podcast)

Author Allison Leotta has used her 12 years of experience as a federal sex-crimes prosecutor in Washington, D.C., to bring real-world issues into her fiction. Leotta has written five novels…

‘Vagrant Nation’ explores the rise and fall of vagrancy laws (podcast)

From the 18th century through the beginning of the 1970s, American officials had an incredibly versatile weapon to use against anyone seen as dangerous to society or as flouting societal…

Prosecutor’s book offers firsthand look at ‘Making a Murderer’ subject Steven Avery (podcast)

A year before Netflix’s viral hit Making a Murderer was making headlines, Wisconsin prosecutor Michael Griesbach released his book The Innocent Killer: A True Story of a Wrongful Conviction and…

Harper Lee Prize winner tells how history and race shaped her Southern gothic novel (podcast)

The Secret of Magic is a book within a book. It is both the title of Deborah Johnson’s 2015 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction-winning novel, and (in the world…

Linda Fairstein chats about her Alex Cooper series—and reveals an exciting new project (podcast)

Fairstein’s own prominent career prosecuting sex crimes for the district attorney’s office in Manhattan has greatly influenced her novels, as has her familiarity with New York City. She uses a…

Grammar nerds, meet your ‘Comma Queen’ (podcast)

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Author tells tangled tale of the $19B verdict against Chevron in ‘Law of the Jungle’ (podcast)

All is not as it seems for 9th Circuit clerk in ATL founder’s new novel (podcast)

How a series of attacks by a breakaway Amish sect became a landmark hate-crimes case (podcast)

Boies and Olson reveal the backstory of the case against California’s Proposition 8 (podcast)

Growing up during BTK serial-killing spree informed author’s new crime novel (podcast)

Why should 9/11 terrorism trials be held at ‘Mother Court’ in New York? Author explains (podcast)

How 50 children were saved from Nazi Germany by a Philadelphia lawyer and his wife (podcast)

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