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Disabled people under guardianship often lose voting rights

Many people undergoing the guardianship or conservatorship process to help loved ones with their health care, financial or other decision-making. Often they are unaware that voting rights may be at stake when they go before a judge.

Atlanta pro bono program expands to resolve elementary school students’ housing issues

The Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation addressed issues in an apartment complex where evictions are routine and black mold is rampant.

From courtroom to concert stage, this criminal defense lawyer uses her voice to push for reform

Rochester, New York-based solo practitioner Danielle Ponder treats audiences to her signature soulful beat layered with lyrics inspired by the five years she spent as a public defender representing some of her city’s poorest citizens.

My Path to Law: Adam Leitman Bailey

In seventh-grade English class, I was introduced to a book about John Peter Zenger, the reason I have been giving my entire life to wanting to become an attorney.

Firms provide pro bono assistance to Kansas City communities

Adopt-a-Neighborhood was conceived as a way to use pro bono work to support economic development in Kansas City’s eastside neighborhoods, where homes sit vacant and most residents qualify for Legal Aid’s help.

Divorce lawyer’s side job is officiating at weddings

Andrew Schmidt owns the oldest law firm in Marathon County, Wisconsin, with a large family law practice. He realized his law license works both ways, to start marriages as well as end them.

10 Questions: This comedian and Oregon lawyer stands up against sexual harassment

ABA Journal: In 2002, you decided to move from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. Did you have to change your practice to adapt to a smaller legal community?

Mitra Shahri: No, perverts are perverts everywhere you go.

Fighting hate: Website serves more than 2,000 in first year of reporting incidents

The American Bar Association website Hate Crime Help aids anonymous victims in contacting law enforcement agencies and public and private organizations in incidents of harassment, violence and property damage resulting from acts based on religion, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability or sexual orientation.

Chief roles: General counsels earn top dollar, new titles and C-suite access

A growing number of companies are replacing the title of general counsel with that of chief legal officer. The move signifies an equal position in the C-suite and greater influence within the organization.

Alabama underfeeding inmates meal money

10 Questions: A true Marvel, this Brooklyn lawyer is a force across a galaxy of comic book genres

A young corporate lawyer sits at his computer, putting the finishing touches on an email.


He hits send.


His first comic book manuscript is off to…

Making It Work Rashida La Lande

Rashida La Lande, global general counsel at Kraft Heinz, is mindful of the example she sets for her sons and daughters. Childhood models guided her own career choices.

1881 Initiative aims to increase the number of female AGs

The Democratic Attorneys General Association has launched an initiative to elect more women to an underestimated position: state attorney general. DAGA’s 1881 Initiative is named for the first year two women ran for—and lost—state AG seats. The goal is to ensure that by 2022 at least half the Democratic attorneys general will be women.

Exonerated Texans help wrongfully convicted prisoners find freedom

Texas exonerees Johnnie Lindsey, Christopher Scott and Stephen Phillips are the focus of the PBS documentary True Conviction. Through the House of Renewed Hope, they investigate the cases of inmates who say they’ve been wrongfully accused.

10 Questions: This legal team brings a wild approach to their practice

Kansas City litigator Tristen J. Woods and his law partner Lauren Sierra Kruskall founded the Jungle Law Group to advocate for animals in civil and criminal court.

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