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Congratulations to Our First 50 Legal Rebels

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This fall we’ve spotlighted 50 of the nation’s most innovative lawyers. For profiles of each, along with video interviews, audio podcasts and photo slideshows, click on the names below.

On this site you’ll also find a complete record of our two-week Legal Rebels Tour ‘09; essays, podcasts and online radio shows about the future of law practice from some of the most creative minds in the legal profession, who participated in our 24 Hours of Legal Rebels event; and the Legal Rebels Manifesto, which you can sign to show you’re committed to innovation in your corner of the profession.

Kevin O’Keefe: Social Maven - Connecting lawyers digitally

Ralph Palumbo: Less and More - Changing legal billing line by line

Chris Marston: New Business - Setting up a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs

Tom Goldstein: Star of SCOTUS - Mastering all things SCOTUS

J. Kim Wright: Collaborator - Promoting curative, therapeutic and holistic law

Nicole Black: Boss of Blogs - Advising lawyers to wire up to Web 2.0

James Holderman: Jury Duties - Judging jury participation as a good thing

Pamela Woldow: Point Person - Navigating into the future of the legal profession

Max Miller: The Immerser - Teaching lawyers how to serve entrepreneurs

Matt Homann: Law Thinker - ‘Un-conferencing’ for innovation

Ronald Staudt: Web + Law = A2J - Tying legal aid to technology

Mark Britton: Lawyer Rater - Rating lawyers online

Emery Harlan: Diversifier - Organizing minority- and woman-owned law firms

Mike Roster: The Cost of Value - Demanding increased value of services

Tim Stanley: Big Giver - Founding free legal websites

Andrew Grech: Taking Stock - Leading the first publicly owned law practice

Charles Nesson: Post-It-All Prof - Pushing the envelope on info access

Luz Herrera: ‘Low Bono’ Pioneer - Advocating ‘low bono’ to serve poor clients

Leah Cooper: Passage to India - Outsourcing substantive legal work

Evan R. Chesler: Billable Buster? - Moving his big firm away from the billable hour

Jeffrey Carr: Business Unusual - Making billing work for both sides

Ralph Baxter: The Re-Engineer - Restructuring a major law firm

Erica Moeser: A Bar for All - Promoting a national bar exam

Mike Dillon: Open Blog Policy - Opening communication on suits, strategies

Rex Gradeless: Follow the Tweeter - Tweeting for social media in law

Suzanne E. Turner: Global Pro Bono - Working to make pro bono international

Charles J. Hynes: Jail Breaker - Promoting alternatives to jail terms for nonviolent offenders

Cynthia Calvert: Practicing for Lawyers - Seeking work-life balance in law firms

Chip Mellor: Libertarian Law - Proving humor has a place in issues advocacy

David Lat: Gossip at Law - Remaking legal journalism by crowd-sourcing the news

Marjorie Shultz: Up to the Test - Designing a race-balanced law exam

Frank Aquila: Free Talker - Pushing back the curtain through media of all types

Michael Will: With the Program - Designing software that helps lawyers work better and faster

Ken Adams: Word Miser - Educating lawyers to be better writers

Dan Schwartz: Bar Known - Bringing his state bar into the Internet age

Susan Cartier Liebel: Solos’ Champion - Establishing an online school for solos

Cheryl Conner: Singing the Law - Advocating holistic, collaborative law

Mae O’Malley: Mogul Mom - Running a temporary legal staffing business

Carl Malamud: Paper Tiger - Working to make public documents accessible

Thomas Bruce: First Adapter - Founding the first Internet site for legal documents

William Henderson: Law Prof Means Business - Studying the practice of law from his perch in academia

Adam Reich: Media Man - Using media to free a client

Jeffrey Hughes: The Legal Grinder - Serving legal advice with coffee

Patrick Lamb: A Betting Man - Betting on better service to clients

Laurel Edgeworth: The Matchmaker - Matching law grads with clerk positions online

Rick Palmore: Demanding Diversity - Driving for diversity in outside law firms

David Van Zandt: Purple Praise - Taking a business approach to legal education

Richard Granat: Internet Obsessive - Franchising the virtual law practice

Denise Annunciata: Paralegal Power - Offering paralegal work online

Rodney Smolla: Running a New Play - Rushing 3Ls out of the classroom to tackle the rough and tumble of law practice.

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