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Courts must decide whether new high-tech toys can also be targets

What’s the evidentiary standard for emojis?

These plaintiffs argue derogatory words can’t hurt them

‘Free-range’ parents encourage kids to broaden their horizons—the law, not so much

Could the next person you sue be yourself?

Those who refuse vaccinations can cause outbreaks: Should they have to pay for it?

Wine collector broke laws, paid price; will bottles be ‘decanted’ down the drain?

Satanists challenge local governments over public religious expression

Traffic Stop Roulette: Sometimes motorists get lucky, sometimes they don’t

Birth of a Nation: Find unclaimed land, and you can be king!

Cops can’t be everywhere, so citizens fill the void

The privileged few walk away from trouble so easily, there’s even a term for it

Despite contractual obligations to clam up, some folks can’t can the chatter

Kicking the IRS when it’s down should be considered very, very carefully

Some criminals can’t help taking ineptitude to the next level

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