Attorney Fees

Legal Ethics

Lawyer sued ex-client for fees, then served himself on ex-client’s behalf, ethics officials say

Attorney Fees

Vaccine court is profitable for some lawyers, who get paid win or lose

Attorney Fees

‘A flourishing industry’ pairs plaintiffs lawyers with state AGs in contingency suits

Constitutional Law

En banc 1st Circuit ruling nixes state-funded sex-change surgery for prison inmate

Business of Law

New crowdfunding site helps individuals raise money for legal fees

Trials & Litigation

Judge nixes fees for bankruptcy lawyer, citing ‘passive-aggressive’ response to required forms

Attorney Fees

BigLaw bankruptcy lawyer billed Detroit $34K for travel to and from his vacation home

Law Firms

Venable sues ex-client over $300K bill, claiming fraudulent inducement

Law Scribbler

Creator of the DuPont model makes an inside move

Attorney Fees

Posner: ‘Outlandish’ attorney fees in glucosamine settlement were part of a ‘selfish deal’

Tax Law

Tax attorney will accept Bitcoin payments, but won’t take digital currency on retainer

Copyright Law

Federal judge says lawyer must pay $87K for filing ‘objectively baseless’ suit over Web news posts

Trials & Litigation

Federal suit over coffee machine bought at Starbucks settles for $250, but lawyer could get $175K

Trials & Litigation

Top NY court says widow’s estate must pay lawyers $44M for less than five months’ work

Immigration Law

Federal government announces $9M in funding for unaccompanied minors’ counsel


How profitable are alternative fee arrangements, in practice?

Law By the Numb#rs

Consider the Alternatives: How profitable are alternative fee arrangements?

Trials & Litigation

Law firm seeks to join line of judgment creditors against ex-attorney Stan Chesley

Legal Ethics

11th Circuit cites Bible, labels lawyer’s action a ‘textbook example of bad faith’

Attorney Fees

Los Angeles to pay $725K to lawyers in homeless rights case