Attorney Fees

Law By the Numb#rs

A lawyer’s value, hour by hour

Litigation Finance

Matchmaking website connects plaintiffs to litigation funding, but is that ethical?

Attorney Fees

Law firms that sued HP want to represent it as part of settlement; objecting lawyer says deal a joke

Trials & Litigation

Judge says BigLaw firm tried to ‘litigate plaintiff to death’

Trials & Litigation

Government lawyer faces $12K in sanctions, plus possible jail time if he doesn’t pay up

Attorney's Fees

Judge says ex-attorney must help pay $42M judgment to plaintiffs in fen-phen litigation

National Pulse

Gun owners are looking to join prepaid legal defense plans

Government Law

Law firm gets $41K in public records case over dashcam, is suing again to find out what city spent

Copyright Law

Northwestern sues ex-employee, says author took book she was paid to write on infamous murder case

Trials & Litigation

2 lawyers who rejected $9.5M attorney fee in Prempro case will get $21.8M

Corporate Law

Plaintiffs lawyers fight ‘loser-pays’ bylaw adopted in middle of shareholder suit

Criminal Justice

PayPal to refund donations made for dad’s defense in murder case over son’s hot-car death

Solos & Small Firms

When letting a bill go unpaid can be good for business

Trials & Litigation

Samsung and Quinn Emanuel must pay $2M for revealing ‘attorneys’ eyes only’ info, judge rules

Business of Law

Federal court clerk, 2 techs create e-billing system to speed payment to defense lawyers nationwide

Trials & Litigation

Judge rejects ‘absurd’ claim by ex-clients, awards $500K in legal fees, blasts new counsel

First Amendment

LA to pay $215K to black man ejected and cited after wearing Ku Klux Klan hood to public meeting

Trials & Litigation

New bill could nix top Delaware court’s OK of loser-pays rule for attorney fees in corporate cases

Bankruptcy Law

Top NY court to hear arguments on unfinished-business claims concerning failed law firms

Attorney Fees

Delaware decision could spur fee-shifting bylaws, putting a damper on shareholder suits