Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

Lawsuit urges top state court to explain powers of AG Kathleen Kane, whose law license is suspended

Constitutional Law

Kentucky governor restores voting rights of over 100,000 felons, but does he have power to do so?

Constitutional Law

New courthouse nativity display puts founding fathers, Lady Liberty next to Bill of Rights in manger

Immigration Law

Indiana’s refusal to accept Syrian refugees violates Constitution, ACLU suit says

Health Law

7th Circuit overturns abortion regulation; Posner says health benefit is ‘nonexistent’

U.S. Supreme Court

US asks SCOTUS to allow Obama’s deferred deportation program

Legal History

Did James Madison put his ‘spin’ on constitutional convention notes? Law prof sees manipulation

Civil Rights

DC agrees to pay more than $16M to man who served 27 years for rape and murder he didn’t commit


Lawyers for accused leader of Benghazi attacks seek sanction for alleged illegal interrogation

First Amendment

7th Circuit: Sheriff must stop asking credit card companies to cease business with

Constitutional Law

AG Kathleen Kane is ‘legally disabled,’ top deputy tells Pennsylvania senate committee

First Amendment

Gloria Allred sues venue that barred her from Bill Cosby performance

Constitutional Law

Told to give up gun after shooting alleged burglar, disabled tenant sues landlord


Pennsylvania voters will consider raising judicial retirement age

Death Penalty

As execution looms, appellate lawyers fight client’s effort to get new counsel and seek clemency


Feds secretly bugged courthouse grounds to eavesdrop on private conversations, motion says

Legal Ethics

Top prosecutors under AG Kathleen Kane raise concerns about her lack of an active law license

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court is asked to review Alabama decision refusing to recognize adoption by lesbian

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS gay rights decisions could be cited by child molesters, Scalia says

Government Law

Former prosecutors sue embattled AG Kathleen Kane