Constitutional Law

Civil Rights

‘Jail 101’ report: Denver sheriff’s dept. needs systemic improvement to protect inmates and deputies

Family Law

After a week in jail, tearful mom agrees to have 4-year-old son circumcised

Election Law

DOJ investigates California court restrictions on voting by intellectually disabled persons

Criminal Justice

After federal judge orders sex-change surgery, board OKs parole for inmate

First Amendment

First Amendment protects anti-abortion activist’s satirical use of NAACP name, 4th Circuit rules

U.S. Supreme Court

Should presidential candidates come clean about their litmus tests for SCOTUS nominees?


Top Massachusetts court refuses to dismiss 40,323 cases linked to rogue state evidence lab chemist

Copyright Law

En banc 9th Circuit nixes earlier Google takedown order for ‘Innocence of Muslims’

U.S. Supreme Court

A ‘bait and switch’ cert petition? SCOTUS sidesteps question on ADA rights of mentally ill arrestees

U.S. Supreme Court

Maryland’s double tax on residents violates dormant commerce clause, Supreme Court rules

Criminal Justice

Final Exit Network is convicted for assisting suicide

Privacy Law

House passes bill to end NSA’s bulk collection of data; critics say it doesn’t go far enough

Constitutional Law

Judge dismisses entire 112-member jury pool over lack of racial diversity

Legal Ethics

2 lawyers and paralegal take Fifth; name partner says he didn’t direct DUI setup of trial opponent

Privacy Law

Laptop seized at border isn’t like a handbag, judge says; evidence from warrantless search is tossed

Internet Law

Rap video, tattoo photos on defendant’s Facebook page were admissible, 2nd Circuit says

Environmental Law

New Wyoming law turns environmental activists into criminals, law prof says

Constutional Law

Illinois state pension law declared unconstitutional

Trials & Litigation

Judge dismisses Nebraska woman’s lawsuit against ‘all homosexuals’ on behalf of God, Jesus Christ

Civil Rights

AG Loretta Lynch announces ‘pattern and practice’ probe of Baltimore police practices