Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

After stalemate between rancher, armed militia and feds, US Attorney is not rushing to prosecute


Perkins Coie lawyer who fought ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ dies in bike accident

Constitutional Law

Texas law requiring abortion clinics to upgrade facilities is struck down; state seeks stay


Prisoner exonerations are at an all-time high, and it’s not because of DNA testing

Constitutional Law

Federal gun ban applies even if domestic violence victim isn’t injured, state appeals court says

Constitutional Law

Posner derides tradition as ‘feeble’ justification for gay-marriage ban, says it’s ‘based on hate’

U.S. Supreme Court

Rap music scholars aim to educate SCOTUS in threats case

Constitutional Law

Judge nixes convicted murderer’s request for death penalty

Law Firms

‘Immediate and severe’ action is taken against lawyer for firmwide email condemning gay marriage

Criminal Justice

Judge nixes cellphone evidence in Aaron Hernandez murder case over defective warrant

Constitutional Law

BakerHostetler to represent the House in its suit against Obama; contract pays $500 an hour

Criminal Procedure

9th Circuit revives pro se habeas petition, says trial court erred in applying ‘prison mailbox’ rule

First Amendment

Does press have First Amendment right to view entire execution? ACLU sues over closed blinds

Election Law

Does national voter form have to include states’ citizenship requirement? 10th Circuit to decide

Immigration Law

Federal government sued over alleged due process violations at Artesia immigrant detention center

Bar Associations

After vote, Connecticut Bar Association will not help defend state gun control law in court

U.S. Supreme Court

Virginia gay-marriage licenses are put on hold after SCOTUS issues stay

Constitutional Law

High school student says she was disciplined for saying ‘bless you’ after classmate sneezed

Trials & Litigation

Man exonerated by own research gets $13M for wrongful conviction in rabbi slaying

Trials & Litigation

Federal suit claims family members were banned from mom’s nursing home over social media posts