Constitutional Law

Privacy Law

Judge unseals cellphone surveillance orders; deputy DA has ‘fervent hope’ convictions will stand

Constitutional Law

Civil rights lawyers head to Ferguson as grand jury decision in police slaying of unarmed teen looms

Criminal Justice

5th Circuit ruling could mean freedom for ‘Angola 3’ inmate held in solitary for 40-plus years

Constitutional law

House finally sues over implementation of health-care law; what actions are challenged?

Media & Communications Law

Police put brakes on body-camera plan, citing records request; earlier dashcam suits were costly

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit says paroled sex offenders don’t have to provide their Web names and addresses to police

Constitutional law

Law prof becomes third lawyer to take on House suit against Obama

First Amendment

Google wins SLAPP motion, has constitutional right to list search results as it wishes

Constitutional Law

Atheist gets driver’s license photo with pasta colander on head, citing ‘Spaghetti Monster’ faith

U.S. Supreme Court

‘Some random guy in Queens’ is three-time FantasySCOTUS winner

Family Law

Girl, 2, on life support as court decides dispute between mom and dad about donating her organs

Constitutional Law

Lawyer sues Eric Holder and ATF over his own homemade machine gun, says feds banned it unlawfully

Civil Rights

State of emergency in Missouri as grand jury mulls slaying of black teen in Ferguson

Government Law

Unique city plan to ban all tobacco sales ignites firestorm among residents

Religious Law

Priests group says it won’t comply with DC Circuit ruling upholding contraceptive opt-out procedure

U.S. Supreme Court

Trial court’s ban on alternate defenses wasn’t structural error requiring reversal, SCOTUS says

U.S. Supreme Court

Scalia and Thomas criticize inconsistent cert denials, cite gay-marriage cases

Constitutional Law

Woman ticketed for going topless at Chicago event files civil rights suit against city

Election Law

SCOTUS mulls redistricting plan that packs blacks into districts, diluting voting strength elsewhere

U.S. Supreme Court

US Supreme Court allows Kansas same-sex marriages to proceed; two justices dissent