Constitutional Law

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Constitutional Law

Lesbian moms’ rights not violated by birth-certificate law, Arkansas Supreme Court rules

Death Penalty

Alabama inmate ‘heaved and coughed’ during execution

Legal Ethics

Judge candidate gets law license suspension for attack ads; dissenters cite free-speech protection

Supreme Court Nominations

Does Garland nomination have ‘a snowball’s chance in hell’? Lawyer’s suit fails; other ideas aired

Election Law

US judge stops Michigan recount, finds no constitutional right to recount absent miscount evidence

Criminal Justice

Man sues after DNA sample mix-up put him in jail for 61 days

Pro Bono

Gun-control groups join BigLaw coalition; seven firms are on board so far

Bar Associations

Suit claims Texas state bar board maintains unconstitutional ‘quota scheme’ for four of its members

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court accepts police shooting case involving 9th Circuit’s ‘provocation’ rule


In just-released video, Posner calls chief justice a ‘terrible’ manager, blasts ‘stupid’ opinions

Supreme Court Report

Supreme Court considers challenges to racial gerrymandering

Election Law

Law profs debate electoral college role after Lessig calls for Trump rejection

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Decision in SCOTUS immigration case could hinge on government’s admission of error

U.S. Supreme Court

Lock up or toss out the flag-burners? Trump tweet highlights a difference with Scalia

U.S. Supreme Court

Double jeopardy doesn’t bar retrial in case of inconsistent verdicts, Supreme Court rules

Trials & Litigation

Judge tosses suit claiming wrongful death defendant was defamed on law firm website

U.S. Supreme Court

Judges should tailor civil sanctions to harm caused, ABA argues in SCOTUS discovery-abuse case

Executive Branch

Tens of thousands join ‘Lawyers of the Left’ Facebook group, sign Bannon protest letter

Constitutional Law

Is Donald Trump about to violate the emoluments clause?


Prosecutor’s ‘racially coded references’ require reversal of death sentence, 4th Circuit rules
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