Criminal Justice

Constitutional Law

County’s judges and public defenders are sued over alleged inadequate representation

Criminal Justice

Lawyer convicted of murder, then granted new trial, has conviction reinstated

Law Firms

Dewey defendants are acquitted on additional counts; deliberations resume


Self-described drunken driver live-streams video while behind wheel and is charged with DUI


Potential juror who disregarded judge’s order is sentenced to additional jury duty

Criminal Justice

Judges frees man imprisoned for 28 years; discredited bite-mark evidence is cited

Criminal Justice

Massachusetts lawyer is arrested in slaying of man who claimed to be a diamond runner

Criminal Justice

Constant filming of police officers is ‘impacting their judgment,’ Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says

White-Collar Crime

Chicago Public Schools chief pleads guilty to one count of wire fraud

Executive Branch

Obama considers using executive authority to expand gun buyer background checks

Death Penalty

Oklahoma used wrong drug in January execution, autopsy report suggests

Constitutional Law

Las Vegas jurist sets low bail for defendants he says were stopped for ‘driving while Hispanic’

Health Law

California prison guards’ union protests program providing condoms to inmates

Criminal Justice

Appeals court will review allegations that Texas Gov. Rick Perry tried to coerce Travis County DA

U.S. Supreme Court

Scalia focuses on murder details during arguments in Kansas cases, notes Breyer’s capital views


Dallas County DA talks about her two-month absence and untreated depression

Criminal Justice

Tearful woman gets judicial scolding, 3 days in jail for failing to show at domestic violence trial

Legal Technology

Secret computer code is used to help send defendants to jail

Constitutional Law

ACLU lawsuit says county is jailing people who can’t afford to pay fines

Criminal Justice

Conviction overturned in 1990 NYC subway slaying