Criminal Justice

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer gets 4 months for stealing from law firm, is ordered to pay $160K

Criminal Justice

Murder rate is way up in dozens of US cities, but why?

Legal Ethics

Don’t suspend state attorney general’s law license, petition-signers urge disciplinary authorities

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is charged with raping client

Criminal Justice

Video appears to show deputies fatally shooting man who had his hands in air; DA has second video

Opening Statements

California state bar launches a new effort to fight notario fraud

Supreme Court Report

Those convicted as juveniles who are serving life without parole hope the court will go back in time

Report from Governmental Affairs

Reauthorization bill seeks to update a key juvenile justice law after more than 10 years

Criminal Justice

Warned by judge not to drive, 4 of 8 busted motorists get behind the wheel, courthouse sting finds

Trials & Litigation

Lawyers acquitted of coaching witnesses to lie; case a ‘scary attack’ on defense bar, counsel says

Law Schools

Law student kicked out of one school gets a second chance at another

Criminal Justice

Ex-lawyer accused of hypnotizing clients for sexual pleasure faces multicount indictment

Criminal Justice

Alleged ‘office creeper’ charged in law firm burglary and other thefts


Appeals court chides judge who asked if domestic violence victim and defendant ‘get it on’

Criminal Justice

Rape laws differ on force requirement for prosecution; how should model law be changed?


Former TV judge goes to jail: Contempt term went from 1 day to 5 days as Joe Brown kept talking

Court Security

Defendant overpowers bailiff, fatally shoots himself with bailiff’s gun in courthouse elevator

Criminal Justice

Texas attorney general’s lawyer is withdrawing from his defense, citing unspecified ‘issues’

White-Collar Crime

Prosecution says improper Dewey adjustments boosted revenue by 10 percent, assets by 1,000 percent

Attorney General

Porn emails cited by Pennsylvania AG are unsealed; she says senders ‘manufactured’ case against her