Government Law

Legislation & Lobbying

State law may ban Nik Wallenda’s plan to walk Windy City tightrope

Criminal Justice

Former White House lawyer gets 15-year sentence for attempted murder; wife tells of past abuse

Education Law

Parents make bullying claim over mug shot T-shirt of teen worn to high school soccer game

Attorney Fees

Los Angeles to pay $725K to lawyers in homeless rights case

Bankruptcy Law

Detroit bankruptcy trial is halted for deal with a holdout creditor

Constitutional Law

Lawyer who dropped out of US Senate race sues to get his name removed from ballot

Government Law

Courthouse shooter is tackled by county official, dies at scene

Trials & Litigation

Jones Day bill for Detroit bankruptcy has topped $26M


Off-site video that saved woman from felony charge is now supporting a $150K civil rights settlement

Family Law

Statutory rape victim is told to pay child support

Trials & Litigation

Ex-governor of Virginia and wife found guilty on most counts in federal corruption case

Criminal Justice

Ex-official gets time in law firm kickback case

Constitutional Law

Former top NYC lawyer sues police department, says she was arrested for standing on a sidewalk

Energy Law

Record $1.4B fine levied against gas company in fatal explosion and fire

First Amendment

Suit claims male teen has constitutional right to wear makeup in driver’s license photo

Opening Statements

Lawyer forms a national group to link food truck associations

Opening Statements

California court decision lets retailers breathe easy

Obiter Dicta

Birth of a Nation: Find unclaimed land, and you can be king!

Government Law

Federal judge says mom sued too late accusing Chicago officials of cover-up in son’s death

Criminal Justice

Deputy distracted by patrol car’s computer won’t be charged in fatal collision with bicycling lawyer