Government Law

Government Law

Did Hillary Clinton violate records laws? She didn’t use government email as secretary of state

Supreme Court Report

Although the ACA is 1,000 pages long, its future may depend on a single phrase

Obiter Dicta

Satanists challenge local governments over public religious expression

Constitutional Law

Family sues over man’s suicide during armed standoff with authorities outside his home

Criminal Justice

Former Mississippi prison chief pleads guilty in private-prisons bribe case

Constitutional Law

Did local defense attorney’s criticism spark governor’s unusual firing of top prosecutor?

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS smiles on nondentist teeth whiteners, allows antitrust action against dentistry board

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: SCOTUS gets another look at the Affordable Care Act

Labor & Employment

Local governments in Arkansas can’t bar gay discrimination as a result of new law

Government Law

Felony Franks reopens in Chicago suburb after sign dispute leads to closing of city operation


EEOC expert made an ‘alarming number of errors,’ 4th Circuit says in background-check case


Judge withdraws as nominee for top state court seat after racially insensitive email surfaces

Legislation & Lobbying

Emails offer glimpse of ex-governor’s legal strategy, show efforts by staff to distance ‘first lady’

White-Collar Crime

Former state treasurer pleads guilty, admits trying to shake down law firm

Criminal Justice

Top state court declines to intervene in dispute between DA and police department

Animal Law

Elderly man goes to jail for 9 days for feeding cats; advocacy group hopes to rewrite law

Tort Law

Appeals court: City can be sued over faded crosswalk; will comparative negligence still bar claim?

Death Penalty

Pennsylvania governor temporarily halts all executions

Government Law

Under fire over fiancee’s role as ‘first lady’ and paid outside consultant, Oregon governor resigns

Trials & Litigation

Judge OKs $178M in Detroit bankruptcy professional fees; Jones Day gets $58M