Government Law

Trials and Litigation

Law grad sues Department of Education over its guidance on campus sexual-misconduct investigations

Legal Technology

Law firm with tech expertise has acquired ‘Fixed’ ticket-fighting app

Tort Law

Man pleads guilty in auto crash, then sues city alleging police siren and lights distracted him

Government Law

Chicago poised to adopt regulation of Airbnb and similar home-rental listing sites

Internet Law

Net neutrality rules upheld by federal appeals court in ‘slam-dunk’ for FCC

Privacy Law

Seattle can’t disclose location of FBI’s hidden surveillance cameras, federal judge says

Trials & Litigation

Veteran can use ‘nonbinary’ to describe gender, Oregon judge rules

Labor & Employment

Cost-of-living adjustments not guaranteed for public pensioners, says NJ Supreme Court

Civil Rights

Appeal filed after Georgia judge rejects name change for transgender man as ‘fraud’

Health Law

Judge puts on hold landmark San Francisco law mandating sugary beverage ad warnings

Criminal Justice

Woman fined $1,722 and put on probation over license plate decal left in glove box has case closed

Constitutional Law

Do veggies get equal protection? Couple cites Constitution, seeks to uproot front-garden ban

Trials and Litigation

Lawyer acquitted in claimed cover-up of school board member’s free-lunch application

Criminal Justice

Another cop opts for bench trial in case over in-custody death of arrestee Freddie Gray

Civil Rights

With help of new laws, Aloha State says hello to tourists, goodbye to some among homeless population

Internet Law

San Francisco mulls fining, prosecuting home-share sites like Airbnb for listing unregistered units


Solicitor General Donald Verrilli is leaving Justice Department

Criminal Justice

Lawyer and paralegal convicted of bribery for paying court worker to refer arrestees to them

Cover Story

A new dawn for Cuba as it opens for business

Government Law

State Department lawyers weren’t asked to review Clinton’s use of private server, report says