Government Law

Trials & Litigation

Oxycontin marketing suit is Purdue Pharma’s ‘legal nightmare’

Real Estate & Property Law

Woman’s condo is sold at auction because of $95 overdue tax bill; she says she never received notice

Law in Popular Culture

Las Vegas DA to seek county OK for reality TV show about cold and closed cases

White-Collar Crime

Two former Utah attorneys general charged in bribery case seek separate trials

International Law

Does treaty barring cruel treatment apply to US facilities abroad? US officials reassess position

Health Law

Does Ebola fight require giving up civil liberties?

Environmental Law

Report: Lax regulation puts employees and patrons of gun ranges at risk of lead poisoning

International Law

Peace Prize winners back Marshall Islands suits claiming violation of nuclear treaty

Government Law

Judge apologizes for explicit emails, blasts state’s chief justice for ‘vindictive’ attacks

Criminal Justice

Missing woman found forgotten in holding area of closed courthouse

First Amendment

Sermon subpoena request was overbroad, Houston mayor acknowledges

Government Law

Latest fallout in AG’s ‘porngate’ probe: State supreme court judge sent or received over 200 emails

Trials & Litigation

Jury awards record $4.65M in death of homeless street preacher restrained by sheriff’s deputies

Government Law

Appeals court says councilman ousted for letting homeless pal stay at city hall must be reinstated

Government Law

Chicago generated 77,000 additional red-light tickets by shortening yellow-light times, report says

Appellate Practice

Woman who won new murder trial despite earlier manslaughter plea bargain won’t be retried

Constitutional Law

Top state court says judges cannot issue same-sex marriage licenses until federal judge rules

Government Law

Municipal worker who struck her own parked car with city vehicle seeks reimbursement for damage


Police stop over unbuckled seat belts leads to chaotic arrest and federal civil rights suit

First Amendment

Twitter suit claims First Amendment right to disclose US data requests