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Legal Technology

Georgetown’s Iron Tech competition grows in audience and interest

ABA Techshow

Test, teach lawyers tech skills, speakers at Techshow say

Law Schools

Law school brain drain: Fewer individuals with high LSAT scores are applying

Law Scribber

Georgetown Law teams up with 2 firms to create ‘low bono’ law firm

The New Normal

4 steps for reinventing legal education

Law Professors

Law profs victimized in tax-refund scam

Internet Law

Blogging law prof didn’t defame plaintiff with ‘between the lines’ analysis, appeals court says

Law Students

Law profs design course to combat student anxiety

Law Schools

Can the government help cut law school tuition? Blogger offers a solution

Law Schools

Rural law school grapples with plunging enrollment, exodus of professors

Law Schools

Law student’s rescinded admission is upheld by New York’s top court

Law Schools

Two law profs sue William Mitchell over proposed changes to tenure policy as law school merger looms

Law Schools

Speaker at Indiana law school’s annual lecture cancels over state’s new religious law

Constitutional Law

Federal judge blasts expert for not evaluating inmate jail brutality claims, but OKs case for trial

Law Schools

A turning point for law schools? As studies are cited, law prof bets not one will close

Law Schools

Which law schools are most popular with would-be students?

Bar Exam

Lowest bar exam results in nearly a decade prompt some states to consider options

Law Schools

Law school applicants continue to decline, and schools get less choosy

Education Law

In response to upsurge in review requests, Yale Law School is deleting admission evaluation records

Law Schools

Buyouts offered to tenured faculty at embattled Charleston School of Law