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U.S. Supreme Court

Ginsburg: Ferguson turmoil illustrates ‘real racial problem’ in America

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Which students belong in law school? Law prof offers an answer

Law Schools

Cooley law school confirms layoffs, but not numbers

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Appeals court tosses law prof’s injury suit

Annual Meeting

Law school accreditation standards breeze through House of Delegates with minimal fuss

Annual Meeting

Task force on legal-ed financing mulls causes of rising tuition at its first-ever public hearing

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Pay discrimination alleged in prof’s suit against FAMU law school


What kind of jobs are JD advantage?

President's Message

ABA initiatives have made a difference from small communities to Capitol Hill

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Center studying law and culture moves to NYU

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Legal ed section presents its review of accreditation standards to ABA House this month


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News of DNA exoneration stuns ex-inmate who didn’t request test


The most serious problem facing lawyers? Too many colleagues, say about half of Florida’s lawyers

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Which law schools received the most applications?


Law school applications down 37 percent since 2010; first-year class could be smallest in 40 years

Law Schools

High applications to new law school show ‘pent-up demand,’ law dean says; tuition is $14K


Shooting death of law prof who founded PrawfsBlawg is investigated as homicide

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Should Iowa eliminate bar exam for in-state law grads? State’s lawyers have mixed views

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Prof who claimed ‘unnerving and creepy’ party behavior by law dean settles retaliation suit