Law Students

Law Students

This athlete has figured out a way to get free law school tuition


New York will use Uniform Bar Exam to test bar applicants, starting in July 2016

Legal Education

ABA committee wants to end use of alternative law school admission tests


These JD-carrying exonerees are using their experiences to right wrongs

Opening Statements

Law School Transparency offers podcasts focusing on different legal jobs

Business of Law

Hybrid law school program allows far-away students to earn degrees

Law By the Numb#rs

NALP leader finds an interesting synchrony between law school, jobs figures

Your ABA

Law schools would have to break down attrition info if proposed changes get green light

Question of the Week

In your experience, do new lawyers have the necessary skills to be ready to practice?

Law Schools

Students at one Baltimore law school may take exams at home

Law Schools

Northwestern offers ‘interest freedom plan’ to law grads earning less than $85K in private sector


Good news for new lawyers: Fewer grads mean better job prospects, report shows


Law grad from ill-fated class of 2010 had $328K in student debt and worked three jobs

Legal Technology

Georgetown’s Iron Tech competition grows in audience and interest

Work-Life Balance

Which law firms are most family friendly? Yale Law Women names top 10

ABA Techshow

Test, teach lawyers tech skills, speakers at Techshow say

Law Schools

Law school brain drain: Fewer individuals with high LSAT scores are applying

Civil Rights

Once facing a 50-year sentence, a Jena 6 member now looks to his future: law school

Law Students

Law profs design course to combat student anxiety

Law Schools

Can the government help cut law school tuition? Blogger offers a solution