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Criminal Justice

Former general counsel of notorious Rothstein law firm gets 18 months for fraud

Criminal Justice

Jury convicts PI client who, angry over $115 medical bill, physically attacked law firm employee

Criminal Justice

Chicago US attorney drops most serious stash-house sting charges against 27 defendants

Trials & Litigation

Judge axes indictment against lawyers in witness-tampering case, citing improper testimony


DA claims police search of her office was retaliation

Law Schools

Law dean calls out sexism in evaluation of female prof, tells students to forgo ‘fashion advice’

Cartoon Caption Contest

Cartoon: A lawyer and a puppet approach the bench. Tell us what happens next

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is suspended for revealing information that led to murder

Public Defenders

Video advocating cop-killing includes appearances by two lawyers with Bronx Defenders

Privacy Law

How do you really feel? Feds apparently want to know

Internet Law

Emoticons matter, judge rules in Silk Road trial

Trials & Litigation

Forcibly shaven, convicted Fort Hood shooter appears in court beardless

White-Collar Crime

Disbarred lawyer convicted in client theft seeks ‘shock’ probation months into 10-year prison term

Trials & Litigation

Footprint, DNA links ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez to murder, gov’t says; defense cites lack of motive

Health Law

Mom accused of faking medical problems to get unneeded treatment for her children takes plea deal

Business of Law

White-collar litigation trio leaps from Morgan Lewis to McGuireWoods

Attorney General

Amid criticism of Eric Holder, attorney general nominee promises to ‘be Loretta Lynch’

Public Defenders

See the video: PD is handcuffed in court hall for refusing to step aside for police photo of client

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS stays three executions using midazolam while allowing a fourth; did inmate fake pain?

Government Law

Delaware lifts ban on smiling for camera on driver’s license photos