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Tech training helps lawyers meet client expectations

Law by the Numb#rs

More summer associates got job offers in 2015


Lawsuits dispute whether the Indian Child Welfare Act is in the best interests of children


Ex-con fights for prisoner rights and battles censorship

Letters to the Editor

Letters: More on Movie Types

President's Message

The Power of the Ballot: Lawyers need to be at the forefront in encouraging all citizens to vote

Opening Statements

New documentary ‘Balancing the Scales’ sheds light on the challenges female lawyers have faced

Opening Statements

Law profs create 4th Amendment warning signs for lawns

Opening Statements

Women in Law Hackathon address compensation, advancement and business development

Opening Statements

How can employers reduce the risk of Pokémon Go?

Opening Statements

10 Questions: Raj De’s career has taken him from 9/11 Commission to White House to NSA

National Pulse

Lawsuit against Dave & Buster’s challenges reducing employee hours to avoid health insurance mandate

National Pulse

New York considers ‘textalyzer’ bill to allow police to see if drivers were texting behind the wheel

Supreme Court Report

SCOTUS considers death penalty case in which expert testified race could predict future violence


Lawsuits fail to loosen bar admission rules, but issue isn’t going away

Bryan Garner on Words

Celebrating the powerful eloquence of Justice Robert Jackson

Business of Law

Litigator’s book documents the service of Kansas’ Frontier Guard to President Lincoln

Business of Law

New lawyers get an assist on their student loan debt from their firms

Business of Law

Law firm helps social workers stay up to date with continuing education classes

Law by the Numbers

To gain more clients, use social media
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