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Law by the Numb#rs

More summer associates got job offers in 2015

Constitutional Law

Top Virginia court nixes alimony for woman now cohabiting in same-sex relationship

Copyright Law

SCOTUS takes cheerleader uniform case that would also affect ‘cosplayers’ at comic conventions

Trials & Litigation

Sued after posting video of brawl with neighbor, law partner loses bid for SLAPP protection

Criminal Justice

Police data initiatives come with crime victim safety concerns


‘Dream team’ lawyer says evidence in ‘nanny cam’ case is reminiscent of OJ Simpson trial

U.S. Supreme Court

You don’t need unwitting party for conspiracy conviction, SCOTUS says

Intellectual Property Law

SCOTUS to mull Federal Circuit refusal to apply top court’s copyright laches ruling in patent case

Energy Law

Colorado Supreme Court overturns fracking bans enacted by cities

Consumer Law

Suit says Starbucks puts too much ice in cups; rep calls it ‘essential component’ of iced drink

Trials & Litigation

NFL player Tom Brady adds superstar lawyer Ted Olson to his team to fight suspension

Privacy Law

Circuits split on privacy rights for video views and third-party data sharing

Media & Communications Law

Law firm sues for libel after their sign was shown on TV show about unrelated insurance fraud probe

Real Estate & Property Law

Predatory land contracts take advantage of low-income homebuyers, NY Times says

Law Schools

Scalia name change for George Mason law school shows viewpoint diversity, says university president

Criminal Justice

Gay men were unfairly targeted by undercover police in lewd conduct investigation, judge rules


Court ruling suggests using fingerprint ID on smartphone may be riskier than traditional password

Law Firms

Case closed: Stolen Barrister Bear ‘sleeps with the fishes,’ but replica is back outside law firm

Business of Law

Struggling Slater & Gordon makes deal with lenders, boosting stock price, but won’t pay dividends


‘Uncle Sam, Esq.’ employs more than 25,000 lawyers