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Tech training helps lawyers meet client expectations

Law by the Numb#rs

More summer associates got job offers in 2015


Congress votes to override veto of bill allowing families of Sept. 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia

Criminal Justice

Soldier who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty is ordered to carry puppy picture

Question of the Week

In law school, did you get better scores on longer essay answers?

Environmental Law

DC Circuit considers EPA’s authority to impose clean power plan on states

Legal Writing

Is verbosity rewarded in law school?

Criminal Justice

Lawyer sends $1,000 to jury duty scammers who are refining their craft

Criminal Justice

Prosecutor gets Carnegie hero award for disarming woman

Law Professors

Law prof won’t be disciplined for ‘run them down’ tweet about Charlotte protesters

Medical Malpractice

You can’t always rely on physician testimony in malpractice cases, says doc who admits he lied

Law Firms

Huge merger spurs drop in revenue per lawyer among Global 100; total revenue nears $100B


Cartoon Caption: Will the record reflect that the witness is a robot?

Labor & Employment Law

Employers can no longer require California worker disputes to be governed by other state laws

Labor & Employment Law

Former appellate defender employee is entitled to $1M in retaliation suit, federal judge rules

Antitrust Law

US didn’t prove AmEx merchant policies violated antitrust law, 2nd Circuit says

Criminal Justice

As murders increase nationwide, US attorney links Chicago violence to release of dashcam video

Criminal Justice

Houston gunman was a good lawyer, former law partner says

Criminal Justice

Top state court should toss 24,000 convictions connected to disgraced chemist, ACLU says

Law Firms

These law firms make up the litigation ‘fearsome foursome,’ general counsel survey finds
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