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Science & Technology Law

Criminal Justice

Can DNA be used to generate sketch of possible suspect? Cops in South Carolina give it a try

Corporate Law

Still battling code-theft case, former Goldman Sachs programmer sues bank for legal fees

Science & Technology Law

Britain nears legalization of ‘three-parent babies’

National Pulse

How should states regulate drones and aerial surveillance?

National Pulse

People with disabilities want the Internet to be more accessible

Supreme Court Report

Business-method and software patents may go through the looking glass after Alice decision

Law Firms

Bracewell IP partners lead 10-lawyer team to Pillsbury’s new office in Austin, Texas


Drug-making video leads to home seizure

Law Firms

Cooley launches in London with more than 55 lawyers from MoFo and Edwards Wildman

Aviation & Space Law

Drone video posted on YouTube raises safety, privacy concerns for one Illinois town

Antitrust Law

Plaintiffs are seeking $1B in Apple trial over software that required iTunes to be played on iPods

Opening Statements

Under the Hood: A new program at Hastings Law teaches students about startups


Firms bet on growth potential of drone law

Criminal Justice

Maker of eavesdropping and surveillance app indicted

Science & Technology Law

New DNA test can distinguish identical twins, prosecutors say; is it ‘ready for prime time’?

Government Law

Towns and cities can ban fracking in their borders, New York high court rules

Kennedy on Tech

Preparing for the ‘Internet of things’

Criminal Justice

Feds tell local law enforcement to remain silent about cellphone surveillance

Health Law

Suit seeks USDA action on antibiotic-resistant salmonella in meat

Copyright Law

Oracle wins copyright ruling in battle over Google’s Android software