Science & Technology Law

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Your ABA

‘Internet of things’ panel has a thing about security

Science & Technology Law

Police in Florida and other states are building up private DNA databases


Validity of forensic analysis routinely used in criminal trials is called into question

Privacy Law

6th Circuit allows suit claiming WebWatcher software violates wiretap law, invades privacy

Privacy Law

Wearable technology that monitors workers could lead to legal problems for employers, lawyers say

ABA Annual Meeting

Who gets the blame when driverless cars crash? Everybody.

Privacy Law

Federal judge tosses audio evidence picked up on warrantless FBI bugs outside courthouse

National Pulse

Websites and apps for sharing crime and safety data have become outlets for racial profiling

Government Law

New Jersey Supreme Court to decide if email log is covered by open records law

Privacy Law

Microsoft doesn’t have to give prosecutors emails stored on servers in Ireland, 2nd Circuit says

Privacy Law

Federal judge tosses drug evidence because DEA didn’t get warrant for StingRay cellphone tracking

Privacy Law

FBI didn’t need warrant to use malware to find visitors to child-porn website, judge rules

National Pulse

Police face constitutional challenges for using cellphone tracking devices to locate suspects

Product Liability

If a self-driving car equipped with an AI-driven conscience gets in an accident, who’s liable?


Contentious battles between couples over frozen embryos raise legal and ethical dilemmas

Copyright Law

Google wins copyright battle over its use of Java software code in Android

Law Firms

Silicon Valley powerhouse Fenwick & West to open office in Big Apple

Internet Law

Mozilla loses bid to learn about government hack in child-porn investigation

Criminal Justice

Ex-cop is jailed until he reveals computer passwords; appeal claims Fifth Amendment violation

Law in Popular Culture

Law prof ponders: If a highly advanced robot kills, is it murder or product liability?
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