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Some Judges are Watching

After spending 11 years as a federal district judge in Texas, Royal Furgeson retains a visceral memory of how it felt to practice law.

“Near the end of my law…

Banking On Faith

Islamic Financial Transactions Are Becoming Big Business for Shari’ah-Savvy Lawyers

Prohibited Provisions

No-Further-Representation Clauses May Be Advantageous, But They’re Also Unethical

Reporting Errors

Lawyers Need to Consult Federal Law Before Ordering Credit Reports for Litigation

Duty Calls

More Lawyers Are Taking Their Seats on Juries, Living the Trial Experience, Learning From It–and Loving It

The Paperless Chase

Litigators and Courts Wrestle With Database Discovery

The Verdict on Juries

More States Are Adopting Jury Reforms, Freeing Jurors to Take Notes and Ask Questions. But Some Judges Are Slow to Embrace the Changes.

Beyond First Impressions

It’s Not Always a Conflict to Represent One Client Who Disinherits Another Client

Catch a Rising Star

Put Some Mentors in Your Pocket, and Save Them for a Rainmaker Day

Are You Experienced?

Pre-J.D. Careers Helped These Associates Find Jobs, Fit In

Access Denied

Security Clearance Backlog Can Result in More Work, More Challenges for Lawyers

Hat Tricks

Lawyers Holding Licenses in Other Areas Face Additional Ethics, Insurance Issues

A Mighty Right

The Voting Rights Act Continues to Change Our Communities, Inspire the World

A Slippery Slope

Man Is Sentenced After Slathering his Motel Room in Petroleum Jelly

The Squeeze on the Press

More Courts Are Forcing Reporters to Testify as Judges Reconsider Media Privilege

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